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My grandfather is back in the hospital. Things do not look good. Infections. Kidney problems. No heroic measures to be taken. Relatives are flying in. You get the picture.

Generally it is very difficult for me to get to Marin County where grandpa is. However with my mother, sister and various cousins making arrangements to fly in, presumably someone will have a rental car and come for me after work.

As many of you know, because I will not shut up about it, I wear acryllic nails to get the "goddess nails" effect. This generally requires a "fill" every other week. I should have had my nails done this past weekend, but I couldn't because on Saturday I was being a good little wifey and accompanying hubby to the Cherry Blossom Festival where he was part of a musical performance and then we went to psycho-sis' place to celebrate her birthday. I was basically there to keep him from killing her, although by end of the festivities I considering doing the deed myself. Sunday was hair day, which I also desperately needed. Hair trumps nails.

However, I have now lost a few nails, or at least the acryllic parts. I have four fingers with short, ugly, stumpy, unpainted nails. I just called Tina, my nail goddess of the goddess nails and asked if she would give me an appointment after work today. She said she was busy, but made an appointment for me for tommorrow.

People are flying in tomorrow and there is the likelihood that if I want to see my grandpa before he passes, I need to do it after work tomorrow. I don't want my family to see my ugly nails.

Just to summarize: My grandfather may be dying and it's all about me and my nails.

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