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100 TV Shows-#3-Twin Peaks

I discussed this a bit in my House Babble for Gut Check, but here it goes again.

Twin Peaks

God, just hearing that Angelo Badalamenti opening theme brings it all back.

This was another Zeitgeist show. The one everyone was talking about or watching watching for a least a few weeks in 1990. Another show that I heard about while it was first being shown and then caught up with on the reruns and fell in love with. IN LOVE. The look. The sound. The weirdness. The ambience. The quirky characters played by all sorts of actors and actresses carrying the baggage of their previous roles. Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn (Tony and Riff together again.) Piper Laurie and Peggy Lipton. Michael Parks. Plus the soon to be somebodies like David Duchovny and Miguel Ferrer. I still wasn't shipping, although I did want more interaction between Albert and Harry after the punch out.

The Log Lady. The Black Lodge. The owls are not what they seem.

Who killed Laura Palmer became the biggest mystery catch-phrase since Who shot JR?

Another sound track that I bought and played obsessively. I still adore Julee Cruse singing "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears." I wanted to dance like Audrey. I wanted to go to the One Eyed Jacks. I wanted a damn good cup of coffee and I don't even like coffee.

Miami Vice took years to go to hell in a bucket. Twin Peaks basically did it one season. The second season was SO AWFUL. I hated all the new characters. Everyone was stupid and nasty and ugly. People acted like jerks. Who cared about a triangle with Lucy, Andy and that stupid character played by Ian Buchanan. I loved Ian Buchanan on General Hospital and Twin Peaks pretty much ruined him for me.

I know that a lot of it is blamed on Network Meddling and David Lynch not being allowed to see his vision through. I know a lot of you love Fire Walk With Me and say it absolves everything. But for me, the second season of Twin Peaks was like being in love and expecting something wonderful and having your heart broken. The last episode made me almost literally sick.

OK, I was young. I was stupid. I didn't have a fandom to hold my hand and help me write fanfic and tell me it would be ok. All I had was hubby and he was like, "It's just a TV show."

So for nearly ten years, I completely gave up on Network Television. I watched BBC-America, VH1 Classics, Animal Planet, Discovery, TLC and C-Span. This is how I managed to miss out on both X-Files and Buffy while they were originally being shown. Which knowing what I know about the ship-wars and the fandoms, may not have been such a bad thing. Can you imagine me in the middle of the Spike/Buffy vs Buffy/Angel shipwars? OUCH!

I would be betrayed by TV shows I loved again, but never as quickly or quite as brutally. No David Lynch, I shall never forgive you.
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