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100 TV Shows-#7-Alias


This way to all my Alias fanfic.

The first TV show I ever watched in its entirety on DVD, in this case via Netflix.

The first show I only ended up watching because I was already in fandom. During The Merry Month of Masturbation 2006, I read a Jack/Vaughn drabble and became VERY intrigued with the characters and decided to give it try on Netflix. Got hooked with the first episode and basically whipped through all five seasons in less than six months. There was an overlap where we were still watching the DVDs while the last season was on the air, but we only watched it on disc. Luckily hubby enjoy the over-the-top bizarreness as much as I did, or he just thought Jennifer Garner was hot enough to put up with it. Either way, he was willing to watch the whole thing with me.

For this I am grateful. I was spared the long hiatuses and the cliff-hangers and wasn't involved in any of the ship-wars and online crazy that I know went on in the fandom during the run of the show including hate-ons for various actors based on some of their off-screen activity.

My first incest ship. Why mess around with any of this brother/brother stuff when you can go full tilt boogie in the wrong, thanks to someone who shared their Jack/Syd stuff with me and oh my god, how wrong, but oh so hot it was. Also the only "smush name" I will sanction, only because "Syck" is so perfect.

My first JJ Abrams show. And possibly last. I chose NOT to watch Lost because it seemed to daunting and I still haven't tried Alcatraz.

One of my first multi-shipping shows. I was shipping Jack/Vaughn, Jack/Syd, Syd/Sark, Vaughn/Sark, Vaughn/Irina, Jack/Will, Jack/Irina and almost any other combination imaginable while I was still being a real stick-up-my-ass hard-core heterophobic House/Wilson shipper. I will admit that a lot of it has to do with Victor Garber being the "chemistry with everyone and everything" LBD of the series as far as I was concerned.

To this day Jack Bristow is one of my favorite characters ever and one of the reasons I understand the loathing people do have for JJ has to do with what happens to Jack at the end.

Some of the first hard-core dubcon and noncon fic I read. I've thrown out the hard-copies, but some of the scenes are among the hottest I've ever read, especially the Sark makes Jack and Vaughn do it and the Jack does kinky things to Vaughn to punish him for hurting Syd fics.

The first show where I went back to Television Without Pity to read their snarky recaps after watching the episodes on DVD.

One of my all time favorite pieces of dialogue ever. This still makes me smile. (Has there ever been a better comic relief character than Marshall Flinkman?) :

Agent Jack Bristow: [via cell phone] That means you've ruptured the macula. The eye is useless, abandon it. Approach the second one gently, like a soft-boiled egg. You're going to need a digging instrument to assist with this.
Agent Marshall Flinkman: [looks in a drawer] I've got a spork.
Agent Jack Bristow: [bewildered] What's a spork?
Agent Marshall Flinkman: It's like a half-spoon... half-fork, will that do?
Agent Jack Bristow: That will work.

OH JACK, I miss you so much. *sniffle*

ETA: I still can't believe that of all the actors on the show, it's BRADLEY COOPER who went on to BIG STAR HOLLYWOOD LEADING MAN status.

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