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The Google Zipper is so adorable...

It almost makes up for how much I hate the new Gmail format.


Going to the funeral today, then to sit shiva with the family. I'll plan on watching the new House MD episode when I get home tonight. Hopefully there will be House Babble tomorrow. I've heard certain spoilers and all I can say is, "Yeah, right."

Had a nice really dinner with Hubby and cousins last night at Maverick, followed by ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery. Just couldn't face the House Horror then, especially with Hubby who is a pain when watching in real time, since TIVO has ruined his ability to actual sit through commercials.


I still feel bad about leaving Co-worker alone to hold down the fort today, since there's no floater coverage available. That could prompt a very loud rant about the stupidity of management and some really self-defeating decisions they've made recently about not hiring certain personnel, but I'm not in the mood to do that right now either.


On a positive note, thanks to the lovely michelleann68, I've finally learned out to use hjsplit, so I'm back in business for being able to watch some shows that aren't being broadcast in the US.
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