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Eureka Babble for Lost

I'm honestly not sure if I think this was brilliant or horrible.

Maybe it was brilliant at being horrible?

I can understand the thinking that even though it's the last season, they were running out of variations on "seeming benign experiment goes horribly awry nearly killing everyone and Jack has to save the day by being a better human being than all the geniuses." Also that although they've had certain designated bad guys, most of them have been misguided, rather than out and out EVIL, so they felt the need to introduce a potentially really bad BIG BAD.

However, I also found it pretty ludicrous that they would go for another complete re-set, exactly one season after we had a complete re-set, and that worked out so well. *Heavy Sarcasm*

I will say, I fell for the set-up hook, line, sinker. I honestly believed that this whole season would be set in a dystopian/Big Brother/Brave New World/Nazi Germany reality with the leads operating as a resistance against the evil robots. I also kind of dug bad-ass Andy in his black suit. However, I couldn't believe that in that situation, they'd make Henry the Woobie, AGAIN.

Side note...while Joe Morton will always be Senator Wright to me, we're currently watching the first season of The Good Wife on DVD, where he plays a somewhat sleazy lawyer and it's nice to see that.

Having bought into the premise, I was then kind of disappointed that they were able to resolve it so quickly, and apparently completely. I haven't seen the next episode yet, but it's really hard to believe that Eureka goes from four years of Totalitarian State and now everything is hunky dory again? Really?

As for the Soap Opera stuff, I always wanted Jo and Carter to get together. I feel no sympathy for Alison after all the time she treated him like shit, no sympathy for Zane, and I have to wonder if they're setting up some sort of psuedo-threesome for Jack/Jo/Alison. But it made no sense, since at the end of the previous season, Jo had walked away to "find herself" after being head of security at GD. Then she comes back to play mother to Carter and kids AND goes back to being deputy? WTF.

Then we got to the last super-duper double mind fuck. And I gotta say, that was BRILLIANT and I didn't see it coming at all.
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