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House Babble for Body and Soul

On one hand, it was the first episode in a while that actually spent a considerable amount of time with the actual patient and tried to create a compelling medical mystery. Which they then proceeded to throw out the window in other to turn the mother into an idiot and make the whole thing a plot point about House’s loathing of religion.

I’ve always loved the way House’s atheism or at least agnosticism has been respectfully portrayed but naturally that had to get thrown out too, the same way everything else that was great and special about the character has been lost, diluted or coarsened by the crack monkeys. Compare this piece of slop with Human Error, the last episode of Season 3, which also had a patient and her husband who had faith in god. Notice how much more humanely and humorously House was able to deal with both the wife and the husband even his “nemesis” of god himself. Even go back to the glorious House Vs God. The words and some of the notes are the same but everything feels off-key and perfunctory.

They failed to give House any humanity, to tie together the medical stuff and even explain all the symptoms. I didn’t believe that House cared about the puzzle, only “beating” religion.

Hey, Foreman. Nice to see you. Too bad you were only there to also act like an idiot.

House/Dominika-Well at least it’s a relief for any of the H/W schoop/fluffers who thought they were being threatened by a happy H/D resolution. Guess what guys, you ain’t getting your happy resolution either. You might get a shit-load of Hurt Comfort fanservice next week, but it’s still not end-game. Also, they ain’t gonna kill Wilson. How do I know that? Two words: Howard Hunter. Yes, Hill Street killed characters left and right, but never major ones, except when an actor actually died. Oh, you say, but House did kill Amber and Kutner. Yeah? And if you think either of them were really major characters, then you’re on the same pipe as the monkeys.

Also, if Dominika was pissed enough to leave, then why have her act all sad and kissy-huggy at the end? Once again though, Hugh was selling it.

Notice that they had to make House sad about Dominika leaving before they would give you your fanservice moment of the day and Wilson wasn’t there to take care of House, only to drop his own bomb-shell, which House really didn’t want to accept because it interfered with his own self-pity party.

Park/Chase-“Dreams don’t mean anything.” Yes, I think we got that the 17th time, except that House acted like his dream about Dominika meant something, if only to show us how very, very heterosexual he is, as was the breast ogling scene. (Another rip-off, this one from Fidelity, all those years ago.)

One of the things that’s made me angriest this season is that Park really did have potential and the best they can come up for her is this CRAP? Fart humor? FEH! And the Chase dream was right out of the first kiss/sex between Sam and Diane on Cheers, one of the great scenes of all time. This was not that. Also, this so-called friendship that Park and Chase have doesn’t exist because we were told about it before there was any evidence, so I don’t believe in it.

I assume this rubbish will also be gone by next week, along with the dweeby guitar guy from last week.

From promos, next week looks hideous, but I suspect H/W schmoopy fluffers with have their tushes titillated right until they slapped in the face again.

Note: Next week’s episode is another “vanity direction” job by Hugh Laurie. It’s making me sad how much the show in at least the last two seasons has eroded my Hugh Love. Please Hugh, I know you don’t want to do anymore television and you sure as hell don’t have to, but if you would go back and do one episode of Spooks as Jools, it might take the curse off all the horror you helped inflict, either by not fighting or by actively endorsing what’s been happening.
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