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100 TV Shows-#9-Hodge Podge Lodge

Hodge Podge Lodge

We're off to the forest to see Miss Jean. She lives in a house that is freshly green. Except for the chimney and windows and walls, And one or two places just down the halls. It's filled with rabbits and snakes and snails And fat little puppies keep wagging their tails. There's deer and tigers and elephants too. (Spoken) Well,maybe not elephants.

This was one of the shows I used to watch on Channel 13 (PBS) after school, during the 70's. You'd have to have been of a certain time and place to have ever seen it and according to IMDB the masters of the episodes have been destroyed. That sucks.

Very few specific memories aside from the theme song, but I LOVED Miss Jean. She was so mellow. I suspect this show is the sort of thing that even back in the 70's made conservatives HATE PBS, because it was helping to raise a generation of kids who would grow up to care about forests and animals, and thus the environmental movement that would actually try to stop corporations and countries from destroying the earth.

According to Wiki, Miss Jean is still alive and kicking and living in Maryland. This makes me very happy.
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