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100 TV Shows-#10, 11, 12-CSI, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami

CSI-Crime Scene Investigation




All My CSI:NY Fanfic


As you'll remember from my Twin Peaks entry, I was so deeply traumatized by how that show ended, that I essentially stopped watching "real television."
Nothing but news, animals, gardening, decorating, educational, stand-up tv shows.

I honestly have no idea HOW I happened to run into the CSI reruns on Spike TV, a cable station which had previously been The Nashville Network, but I did and I started watching, probably because I recognized William Peterson.

This requires another digression back to 1985 and a movie called To Live and Die In LA, where William Peterson was the single hottest thing ever to appear on a movie screen and I was OBSESSED with him. The fact that he didn't become a massive star at the time, I completely blame on Manhunter and especially the beard.

So based on Peterson sans beard (for the time being) and the Who song, and what appeared to be an interesting premise, I started watching the first four seasons in the slightly out of orderness they were being broadcast by Spike. I didn't mention this to hubby until he actually "caught" me at it. By this time, we had cable and Netflix, but not TIVO, so we decided to get the show from the beginning so we could watch it in order, which I think is the first time we did that.

I really liked those first few seasons, except for the super emotional grossout episodes like Blood Drops and Altar Boys. I hated the personal stuff like Warwick's gambling, Sara's ISSUES, and Catherine's daughter. I'm not sure if I did any heavy-duty shipping, although I think I supported Grissom/Sara until it actually happened at which point all I could say was "Run Grissom, run like the wind." I loved Lady Heather in the first two appearances and not so much in the later ones. Liked Brass, except for the crap with HIS daughter. Hated Ecklie so much that the minute the actor showed up in Torchwood: Miracle Day, I know his character would be scum.

I honestly think it was already running out of steam by the time Quentin Tarantino buried Nick alive. I will say that I love that episode for giving us Frank Gorshin's last performance and for John Saxon, but that was sort of the end of the line for me as a regular thing. I might watch episodes, but I wasn't TIVO-ing or giving much of a damn. I think I saw most of the Miniature Killer epsiodes, but I'm not sure and I didn't feel any suspense.

I caught of few episodes with Lawrence Fishburn and that was a big, giant MEH! I haven't even bothered to try watching it with Ted Danson, much as I loved him on Cheers.

Checking the IMDB listings, I was really surprise to see that the Miami spin-off started before New York.
WEIRD. I was convinced it was the other way. I know I saw the Miami pilot because it was on the CSI DVDs.

We started the fist season of Miami, but didn't make it to the end. I wanted to like it because of Emily Proctor who'd been Ainsley Hayes on West Wing, but it was just horrible, especially the David Caruso character and the generally right-wing politics that seemed to inform too many of the episodes, especially anything having to do with Cuba or abortion. I refused to watch another episode after the one where Horatio's big threat to the baddie who got away was that he was going to send him pictures every year of what the unborn baby would have looked like. Everything about the show was just ugly.

What makes this weirder is that I don't know exactly what David Caruso's personal politics are, whereas Gary Sinese is an out-spoken right wing prick, but that never seemed to come across on CSI:NY, at least when I was watching. And I did watch. Passionately. And I shipped. For awhile Mac/Danny was my 2nd major slash-ship after House/Wilson. With a very shiny tin-hat. It got super pissed when I decided that TPTB were deliberately "sabotaging" Mac/Danny in order to put off the slashers. However in retrospect, I'm almost happier with that approach than the "spoon-fed slash" that so many other shows have gone with since then.

So yeah, I'm happier with "organic" slash subtext that the producers deliberately quash then with fanservice which is deliberate by always a tease. I realize this is an unpopular opinion.

Mac/Danny is the second slash pairing I deliberately googled looking for fic and I found Grind. One of the hottest pieces of PWP I've ever read, and one that I was heavily influenced by, both in my writing and my Mac/Danny shipping. I also worshipped every word written by Stellaluna and all the Lindsay fic by paperclipbitch. Unfortunately there was also a horrible "rent boy" fic that helped turn me off rent-boys, WIPs and fics that schmooped out on their own darkness in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately in the course of putting Danny and Lindsay together, Danny's character was pretty much destroyed and the ability to see the Danny/Mac chemistry. Too many other characters were made generic women-in-jep or woobified beyond recognition. Also enough with the omnipotent serial killers. Haven't watched the show in years.

I do miss Sid Hammerback, my favorite of all the CSI ME's, the New York ambience, Stella's hair, good ensemble cast chemistry and of course my beloved Mac/Danny angst.

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