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100 TV Shows-#13-Sherlock (BBC)


All My Sherlock fic

The most recent of my post-Jack Harkness British TV fandoms, where every show seems to lead to another one (Dr. Who to Life On Mars to State of Play etc etc) and you're generally lucky to have a 1/4 degree of separation between shows. I'm genuinely surprised that Marc Warren hasn't shown up, but I'm delighted that John Sessions did, thereby connecting Sherlock to QI. How cool is that? (ETA-Of course they didn't need Johnny for that, since Gatiss also did one QI appearance, but Session is one of my favorite Brits anyway going back to the original Whose Line.)

I watched the first series when they were shown as part of Masterpiece Mystery, although I'd already been hearing about it for weeks in Fandom Land before that. Second series came to me just before the tragic demise of Megaupload, although I did watch again on Masterpiece Mystery, because the only thing that makes Sherlock better is an introduction by Alan Cummings.

My top ten unpopular, or just possibly weird opinions about Sherlock.

1. My favorite cross-fandom moment: when Keith Olbermann mentioned Sherlock including referring to the perfection of Benedict Cumberbatch's name.

2. In spite of writing John/Sherlock and seeing the shippiness inherent in the pairing, I wouldn't say I ship it. And I feel very sorry for the shinier breed of tin hats. Moff is NEVER going to give you what you want. (Side comment, I do prefer Moff & Gattis' ship-teasing to Guy Ritchie's.)

3. I do ship Sherlock/Sally like burning. Even AFTER Reichenbach.

4. Reichenbach did not make me cry. Or even think about crying. PU-Lease.

5. I love Russell Tovey, but Baskerville was shit.

6. I have NO PROBLEMS with how Irene Adler was portrayed.

7. I believe Sherlock genuinely cared about Irene AND wanted her.

8. I will never blame Mycroft. For anything. I want Sherlock to get total come-uppance for being a dick to him.

9. Rupert Graves is a zillion times hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman put together, even if they were in handcuffs and stripped naked. TBH, I find Martin Freeman to be one of the least sexy men on the planet, which may contribute heavily to my lack of John/Sherlock shipping.

10. Team Moriarty!
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