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100 TV Shows-#15-Hawaii 5-0

Time for some major "GET OFF MY LAWN" crankiness.

THIS is Hawaii 5-0

THIS is how it starts:

THIS is Steve McGarrett, with his hair that doesn't move in the wind.

THIS is Danny Williams, with his beautiful blue eyes.

Two grown men, wearing suits and ties who would never be caught calling each other "babe" (SHUDDER) or being anything less than professional with each other. I haven't seen most of the episodes since the original broadcast, but there was subtext there. Especially the episode where Danny has to go undercover. Their eye contact in that one is exactly what old-school slash was made from.

I might not resent the new abomination quite so much if it wasn't just an excuse to make a cute-guy show in a tropical location full of smarmy fanservice and use the old title to help draw in a ready made audience. But I defy any of you tell me it's anything but that.

But REAL Hawaii 5-0 was a show I watched with mommy and the show that made me fall in love with Hawaii. I don't have too many specific memories, but I remember pitching an unholy fit when they replaced Danny with another character in the last season. It's a great example of how good basic genre shows managed to be over the long haul back in the day. Nothing that would be SHOCKING or OMG every week, just good television, the same way that the studio system managed to produce a steady supply of entertainment without everything having to be a BLOCKBUSTER.

Anyway, Hawaii 5-0 was a great show. H50 (BLECH) will never be Hawaii 5-0. It shouldn't exist and I will joyously piss on its grave when it's gone.
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