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Watched Captain America last night...(post contains politics)

in preparation for seeing Avengers tonight. Wasn't madly impressed, but it's always good to see Tommy Lee Jones bringing the deadpan snark. I *might* even see MIB3, JUST for that particular pleasure.


Bike To Work Day on Thursday was a little bit of a let-down, although I am now the owner of a fabulous canvas bag depicting decapitated cyclists. Somehow, I'd envisioned Market Street covered with hordes of free-roaming bicycles just taking over the street so that we didn't have be intimidated by buses, cars and traffic lights. It didn't happen, and we ended up getting hassled by motorcycle cops with loud sirens.

My exercise tally for the week was a three mile walk on Monday, 8ish mile cycling on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the short ride on Thursday. Naturally on Friday my lower back started acting up again and now I'm back to my pinched nerve/muscle spasm issue. This is getting OLD. Or maybe that's just what's happening to me.

ETA-Quick note: I took Flexeril and Ibuprofen. Knees and back feeling MUCH better.


In spite of my encroaching decrepitude, I've signed up to do Komen Race For The Cure on September 9th. I'm going to do a hard-core fund-raising post in the near future, but for now let me say, I am running and fund-raising, to support Komen for continuing to stand with Planned Parenthood against ENORMOUS pressure from the anti-choice movement. I understand they haven't handled it perfectly, but there is so much hatred and gloating every single day in the Right Wing blogosphere about how registration for the Races is down, specifically attributing this claim to the alleged fact that no self-respecting conservative will give them any money in conjunction with all liberals being stingy and refusing to contribue.

SO...I'm training for a PR in the 5-K (which honestly wouldn't take a very fast time to acheive) and to raise at least $100.00. I KNOW everyone is a bit strapped these days, but if I can get donations even in the $10.00 range I can do it.

If you'd be willing to sponsor, please PM or email me and I'll send you the link.

PS-If you hate my guts, but care about the cause, find someone else who is doing Race For The Cure and sponsor them.

I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Whatever it took for him to get there and whether it was a political calculation or not doesn't matter. He said it, and that's what's important. Of course now I'm terrified that it will mobilize the haters enough to tip the election, ( the Wing-Nut verse is DELIRIOUS!!!) but I guess it shows that the President really is a better person than I am if he's willing to lose on principle.
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