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Torchwood-babble for Out of Time

Alert the media: Ianto made me smile. Once.

OK, for the first time since the first snivel in Cyberwoman, I didn't want to obliterate every single sight and sound of Ianto from my screen. The "banana" line made me smile. Possibly even giggle. Doesn't mean he's off my shit-list or that I have any desire to read anything with him in a prominent role, certainly not with Jack (shudder), or find him remotely attractive, but I will give credit for the smile.

I will give much more credit to the writing and acting of the principles. It was brilliant, moving all around, and incredibly thought-provoking as to who could best withstand a time-jump and why. That it appears to be the least experienced and possibly least intelligent of the three I found really interesting.

Owen was awesome in the extreme, especially in the dressed-up scene and the woman who played Diane was utterly babe-ticious. Can't wait for the DVD's to arrive so hopefully we get the sex scenes in their entirety. Woof! That was some hot shit!

JB looked so very yummy in the pale green shirt, and oh so sexy in the vest. One wonders, aside from plot necessity, about him being fully dressed while down below in the hold.

Tosh also had a nice green blouse moment, if no plot whatsoever.

I wish someone would spell out what can make Jack die enough that he actually needs to come back as oppose to what just doesn't kill him that should. The car scene was so sweet, but shouldn't he have gone under from the same fumes? Same thing as the radiation in Utopia? Help, I'm confused. Probably as confused as John was when Jack was telling his story.

And you know what? I still like Gwen!

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