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Thinky thoughts on The Avengers

1. Tom Hiddleston has no lips.

2. In spite of being delivered by a man with no lips, "Mewling quim," may be the single best insult ever hurled in a motion picture.

3. Sorry Hawk fans. To me Jeremy Renner will always be "Jimmy Quid" from the House MD episode Games. It's a pity, because it was actually an interesting patient/case. Too bad it was completely tainted by being part of the odious "Survivor" period on House.

4. Hahah to everyone expect a big Tony/Cap USTY Angstfest. They gave the hero-worship to Coulson and just a bit of snark to Tony. I will NOT use the B-word, but the major slash vibes were all about Tony/Bruce. Mark Ruffalo managed to overcome the loathing I developed for his character in "The Kids Are All Right."

5. Second slashiest was Loki/Thor, just to make the fangirls who like some Cest with their slash happy.

5. Tony was basically the VOICE OF JOSS and therefore seemed to MST-ing the whole movie as it was happening, especially when it came to the Thor/Loki stuff. The "Point Break" line was awesome, but very very Joss. He also sort of reminded me of Philip Marlow as played by Elliot Gould in The Long Goodbye. As if it would be beneath him to actually give a damn about anything that was happening around him. Not sure if that's become RDJr's interpretation or Joss' take on the character.

6. Another Tony thing. When Loki tried to use the spear on him, I was reminded of the line from Watching The Detectives, "But he can't be wounded cause he's got no heart." Is Tony stronger because he no longer has a human heart or is he less of a man that someone like Steve (YAWN) who is shown to be almost all heart?

7. I hope Gwyneth Paltrow got big bucks for "Brando in Superman" sized cameo.

8. Speaking of cameos: HOLY SHIT!!! Harry Dean Stanton! Harry Dean FUCKING Stanton. That is some seriously cool credibility you just bought yourself there, Joss.

9. LOVED the Hulk giving Thor that little sideways BIFF after the big fight.

10. IF I were delivering my variation on "Kneel before Zod," to a bunch of Germans IN Germany, I'm not 100% sure, I'd do it in English.

11. I was spoiled for the fact that there'd be A Joss-style death, but not for who it would be. It didn't matter. I still didn't care.

12. The Chrisses were really at a disadvantage their characters were both stuck with the curse of Irony-free Earnestness. Muscles and conventional pretty-boy features don't count for much when even the bit parts are getting to snark up a storm.

13. Now that I've seen it, I'm willing to try and write for MMOM, if anyone has a prompt they want to throw at me.

14. Despite the lip thing, Hiddleston completely PWNed most of the movie. I still wanted him to GET OVER his daddy issues, but I also wanted to see him striding around and being awesome.


16. ETA-I knew there was one bit that was a direct steal from Buffy and I just remembered. It's when Loki tries to use the spear on Tony's heart and nothing happens and Tony gives him the "It's nice to just cuddle" line, which is pretty much a rehash of the bit in Buffy when Spike tries to bite Willow after the Initiative puts the chip in him and he can't do it and he says, "This has never happened to me before."

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