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Pimping some random Torchwood/Who fic

Echo by alba17
Owen-centric angst fic! MMMMMM Owen. MMMMMM angst. Owen being a bastard and hating himself for it.
Right up my alley. Warning for consent issues and diminished capacity. Read at your own risk.

Later (Worth The Wait Remix) by topaz_eyes
It's short, but wonderful, as is the inspiring fic by Tobadora, so you should go read both.
More angst. YUMMY YUMMY ANGST. And sex. Angsty Sex.
My Doctor Who OTP rules. Now and forever.

Sex On a Frozen River Mayhem by Dira Sudis
Yes, the Mayhem from the Allstate commercials. This is an absolutely brilliant piece of crack written for Yuletide 2010. It's crack, it's funny, it's hot and it's perfectly real!Jack.

The Curious Case of Jack Harkness.
Another lovely fic by alba17, this one posted on Dreamwidth.

It's crossover of Jack meeting Holmes and Watson from the RDJr movie. She captures the style perfectly and has the great detective very intrigued by a man he can't figure out. And how's this for a real!Jack line:
"Oh, I'm sure I can find a willing companion, that's never a problem."

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