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House-babble for "Ugly"

Posted before seeing anybody else's Metas or critiques. House-party attended on-line by michelleann68, hllangel and Hubby in the flesh.

This is like the umpteenth week in a row that I haven’t given a hoot about the PoTW and this one wasn’t even played by an actor with an RSL connection or any other “OMG it’s that guy/gal” issues to liven things up. The last patient I think I cared about was Irene and that’s just because I liked her dead mother.

The documentary angle: BOOORING! Like we never saw the old MASH episodes that used that bit? Or any of the other television shows where a documentary crew just happened to show up since then? BLECH.

Cuddy had another good week. She is definitely on a roll, except for ugly zipper thing on the back of her skirt.

Lots and lots of Wilson. Doing nothing but talking about House and women. Trying to get him to ask them out on dates? WTF? Has he learned NOTHING? Allow me to kick in to paranoid bitch mode and assume this is TPTB trying to play it both ways. The Hugh and Bobby chemistry is off the charts, but it’s all to prove how straight House is? The whole “blew the janitor” thing might have had more impact if RSL hadn’t given the line away in an interview.

No visible chemistry with House/CIA chick whatsoever, which either means Hugh was trying hard NOT to sell it, or he’s as tired of this crap as I am. Same for Cammerclone. Either that or my H/W slash-glasses won’t allow me to see any chemistry, which I deny because I’ve seen (much as I hate to admit it) chemistry between House/Cameron, House/Stacy, House/Cuddy, House/Chase, House/Dwarf!mom, House/Piano, Cane, Motorcycle etc.

Yes TPTB, we get it. House is straight. Straight straight straight straight straight. Only, you know what? Not so much. (And no, deflecting the gayness to Foreman/Chase only makes more fic for that pairing, not less slashiness for H/W.)

Wilson is made of win when he does the “outrageous bullshit with deadpan” bit. Right there you can SEE why House loves him (and so do we.) No one else can pull that off as well, although everybody tries. (See Cameron in Fools For Love as an example of how not to do it.)

I never believed the whole “Plastic surgeon is the one getting all warm and fuzzy with the father” routine.

Awesome blood puking, but we didn't get any pee this week.

Plastic Surgeon is now the New Wilson because Wilson is either shacking up House or so neutered he can’t have sex, so they need another cheating male and actually have the balls to compare it to House’s pill-popping as many fic writers (me, for one) have done in the House/Wilson dynamic? Carrell-a-like also lost me when he started reciting Cameron’s dialogue from Detox.

I also feel like there’s a lot of theme rehashing going on. The stuff about “being normal” could have been transcribed directly from Merry Little Christmas and where I have heard a lot of babble about “Informed Consent” before….hmmmmmm.

And speaking of Camer-blonde. It was inevitable she’d blurt her House-love to camera. (Watch out for falling anvils!) What really freaked me out was how pale she looked in the “back tracking” scene. I swear to god, the woman is a vampire. I'm surprised she could see herself in the mirror.

PROMO-I'm thrilled to see the British guy from Crossing Jordan. I love him and I love Miguel Ferrer, but I can't sit through a whole episode of that thing due to virulent Jill Hennessy loathing.

Looking forward to next week.

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