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100 TV Shows-#22-Spooks (MI5)


Smooth Operator
The Cost of Favours
Victory Celebration
Lost Asset
A Night At The Opera
Jools Siviter/OFC
Thin Walls
Negotiation at the Nineteenth Hole (Crossover-Flight of the Phoenix/Spooks)
Out of the Frying Pan (Spooks/House MD crossover)
Same Old Scene Torchwood/NCIS (and a bit of MI5/Spooks)
Time is a Lion
The Good Life
Jools Siviter
Good Thing Going
Tosh, Ruth (GEN!)
Green Light

So, here's the thing...I haven't watched an episode since the 4th Series. I really don't care about any of the characters introduced since the 2nd series. Of those, I barely care about Ruth and Harry and I mostly only cared about Zoe and Danny. I never liked Tom because he was whiney and his girlfriend in the first series was even whinier. I think you all know how I feel about characters who whine.

Basically I only care about the first series, of which I only care about two episodes and I only care about those two episodes because of this man:

This completely evil, sexy, bad-ass mofo, who totally owns my heart and soul and points nether.

I watched the series on PBS and wasn't all that impressed. Too dark. Too angsty. Yes, that's right. Yours truly found a show too dark and angsty. I was totally skeeved out by the death of Helen Flynn. The two pivotal episodes made almost no impression.

Then I got hooked on House and realized...hey, wasn't that....and signed up for a Rare-a-thon at fryandorlaurie, choosing to write about Jools because hey that would be fun. So I bought the DVD of the first series and re-watched AND FELL IN MOTHER-FUCKING HARD-CORE DEEP TO MY INNER MOST BEING LUST with Jools.

Based on a few scenes in two episodes, I created a whole fanon and a passion for this character. Because of a single glance, I envisioned a whole past relationship between Jools and Tessa. I then sent a set of the DVD's to beta_goddess and we became mutually obsessed. Writing that first Jools/Danny fic was some of the most fun I've ever had in fandom. I'd sit at the Desk of Doom and pretend I was really working under-cover for Jools. Beta_goddess and I sent ideas back and forth. As much as I loved House the character, I was never quite as IN LOVE with him as I was with Jools. Jools is (as you've all heard me say before) the missing link between Britcom Hugh and House. Plus he's clean-shaven and impeccably dressed and EVIL and says things like this:

I mean, we Wagner fans are a rum lot. I myself like to bugger skinheads in my spare time. So kindly don't tell me what I can and cannot do.

And you don't want to know what kind of back-story and fanon the Jools-lusters (we should have a tie) have created just from that line alone.

I still have one epic Spooks story somewhere on the back burner which is the one about Jools and Peter Salter The first time I saw the Traitors Gate, I had no idea who Anthony Head even was! Also it should be noted that there's a great fandoms collide moment in The Rosebed Memoirs, because even though they don't share a scene (except in my naughtiest fanon) the episode has both Hugh Laurie and Noako Mori! Not to mention the Keeley Hawes Ashes to Ashes and therefore Life on Mars connection.

I understand it's still considered on of the best written, acted blah blah blah dramas in the UK but for me it's all about those two episodes and ALL ABOUT JOOLS!

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