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More about that House finale

More Squeeeee-harshing.

Thoughts shared with cuddyclothes in the comments to her Review

Presumably House did not know in advance that he would be presented with the opportunity to fake his own death. That being the case, when did he manage to stock-pile five months worth of Vicodin?
If he doesn’t have five months worth, does Wilson (who is no longer affiliated with a hospital) have prescribing privileges all over the country…or maybe even the world? Furthermore, will he be prescribing for a dead man or has House also managed to get documents for a new identity. Presumably he'll need them if they ever get stopped on those motorcycles. OR am I supposed to believe that Wilson’s healing cock (which Shore still insists is NOT what’s happening) is going to heal House’s pain to the extent that hours of motorcycling will not leave him a whimpering mess.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the “happy ending” was meant to be a hallucination, probably Wilson’s. Although we know that House has been to fantasize himself pain free and with no cane.

Either way, I’m sure the crack monkeys had the sense to know that the “happy ending” had to be someone’s fantasy, and Shore came along and insisted that it be real.
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