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100 TV Shows-#24-Zoom


Write Zoom, Z-Double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass

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Send it to Zoom!

Another trip back to my childhood of watching "Education TV" every weekday afternoon. (Electric Company, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and Villa Allegre may all come up in future posts.)

I don't have to many specific memories aside from the theme song, ubbi dubbi, having a crush on the kid named Joe with the curly hair, and some of the songs. "The Cat Came Back" and "Rock Island Line," I'm sure I originally learned from Zoom. Maybe "Everybody Loves Saturday Night," "Jump Down Turn Around Pick a Bale of Cotten," and a few others.

I know I got a Zoom card for sending something in, but I can't remember what.

For all the non-remembering of details, I know that I loved that show. And can still sing that damned address in my sleep.
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