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Torchwood babble for Combat

So apparently the first rule of Torchwood is...

You don't talk about the episodes that really suck?

Sorry. This was pretty abysmal stuff. I know that Owen had some stuff to deal with after Diane, but this was just absolute rubbish and the idea that he's actively (or passively) suicidal at that point didn't work for me AT ALL. I thought the implication that he might have shagged the guy who was suddenly shirtless was interesting, but not well developed enough. (Is it more obvious one way or another in the original UK version?)

The Weevil abuse really, really, REALLY bothered me. I hated the guy hitting it. I hated the whole "fight club" set up and I hated Owen's willingness to get in the cage, even if he wasn't going to put up a fight.

Gwen!haters....no, I haven't joined the ranks yet, but I do award her the order of "Get the fuck over yourself!" for this week, anyway.

Aside from the opening scene, there was not much in the way of Jack fabulosity to fall back on. I honestly couldn't imagine re-watching this and that's the first episode of the series I would say that about.

But, next week is CJH, and I'm psyched to the heavens for that.
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