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100 TV Shows-#27-Mythbusters


One sort of MEH! House MD/Mythbusters crossover and one pretty good in my arrogant opinion RPF fic written for Yuletide.

I love Mythbusters, and watch the episodes over and over, but strangely enough, I don't really care about the myths. I might express an opinion how something is going to come out, but most of the "science" really goes over my head.

I don't even care that much about the "big booms," although it's fun to watch the reactions.

One thing I adore is that it's very much a local show. I've spotted Tory in my neighborhood several times and fangirled once or twice, but now I just smile and go on my way. I figure he either leaves near me or is seeing someone around here.

It's always a thrill when they do shopping in places I know personally, or some location is a place I actually. The other day Hubby and I took a bike ride to Chrome on 4th St and it was two doors down from Bamboo Reef, where the Mythbusters have done a lot of their swimming pool experiments.

What I really care about is what some people might consider the "creepy" RPF side of things. Even though I don't actively ship any of the pairings, I'm absolutely fascinated by the interpersonal dynamics, both the Jamie/Adam stuff and the relationship between the Grant, Tory and Kari.

The stuff like "I always enjoy seeing Adam in pain," is just so suggestive, along with that BDSM Daddy vibe that Jamie gives off, and the puppyish way that Adam responds, either submissively or defiantly. Again, it's not really a tin-hat thing, but it's really hard not to speculate.

With Kari, Grant and Tory, I think that Grant is either gay or possible asexual, Tory is an over-grown adolescent and Kari is just so much an older sister that it's one of few groupings where I can't imagine anything going on sexually with Kari and either or both of the guys. I think it's possible Grant has a crush on Tory, BUT that Tory is the more sexually conflicted one. The Jeans Myth show pretty much spelled it out.

The episodes where Kari "tortures" the guys are some of the most fun. Although the idea that Grant would be fantasizing about "naked ladies" to try and beat the lie detector was the most hilarious thing ever. I did adore that Kari brought him fluffy puppies to calm him down for the "calm vs angry driving" test.

I'm also amused/fascinated in watching the older shows and seeing the "cast members" who fell by the wayside. I would have thought that Scotty would be a cult heroine on her own, but maybe her tats and welding bravado were too much for the average viewer? What happened to the chick who pretty much disappeared after getting molten gob-stopper in her eye because she wasn't wearing her goggles? I even miss Heather the "folklorist."

Mostly I just find the show soothing. I can use it for back-ground noise while I'm online or when I'm going to sleep. (Ditto for Dirty Jobs and Top Gear.)

What may be weird about this, is that side from those three, I have no interest in any other kind of reality show, including "interesting occupations," "people who are famous for being famous," or "freak shows."

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