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100 TV Shows #28-City of Angels

City of Angels

NOT the TV show from 2000 with Blair Underwood and Michael Warren OR the 1998 movie rip-off of Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire OR the Broadway Musical from 1989.

This was another "blink and you'll" miss it TV show from the 70's, AND a bit of a cautionary tale for every actor who leaves a hit TV show where they're an ensemble player and tries to star in their own show and either doesn't have the vehicle or the star power to make it. (Also related to the "I'm leaving my hit TV show to be a big moom pitcha star" syndrome...yeah Ken Wahl, I'm looking at you.)

I loved Wayne Rogers as Trapper on M*A*S*H. I loved old movies, especially film noir, although I probably wasn't calling it that back in 1976, when I was 12. I do remember they were promoting it as a TV version of Chinatown, which in retrospect is HILARIOUS. Obviously a network detective show in 1976 wasn't going to be even a fraction as dark and brutal as Chinatown.

It had Wayne looking hot as hell in the 30's duds, complete with fedora, and what I remember being good witty dialogue and probably serviceable plots. No details stick out in my mind, but I'm pretty sure I watched all 13 episodes and was upset when it got canceled. (Although like Hot L Baltimore, I was surprised that a whole 13 episodes were broadcast, because I was sure it did't make it past the first four.)

The show seems to be almost completely forgotten. I couldn't find any clips or a opening credits sequence on You Tube. Most people I try to talk to about the show have no idea it ever existed. I'm sure there will be some awesome folks among my LJ and DW friends who know better.

The saddest part of the whole thing is Mr. Rogers' (haha) never got back the level of stardom he'd have had if he stayed with M*A*S*H. (I had to check IMDB and Wiki to find his other credits.) He seems to have done OK for himself as an investor although I'm slightly perturbed to discover he makes regular appearances on Fox Business News.

I know that not EVERYBODY needs or wants to maintain that level of stardom forever, but I had such a crush on him as Trapper, that it just bums me out that he left and never came back...but I did love City of Angels, while it lasted.
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