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My life if a sit-com, or is it a soap opera? And a dream.

For some reason Hubby has decided we should go over to Psycho-sis's apartment tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I figured we'd get a cooked turkey and fixings and schlep it all over in a cab (if we can get one-ha ha!) because I'm really not up for the cooking. I know they sell fixings at Bi-Rite and I see signs there every year, "order your turkey" so somehow I got it in my head that they actually do a pre-cooked turkey and all I have to do is cut it up and nuke or something.

I nag hubby to go over and order one on Monday, since he had Monday night off, but he didn't so I then said he should call and order one, which he did. When I went over last night to pick it up, it turns out (SURPRISE) not cooked. Not frozen, mind you. Nice organic, healthy, unfrozen turkey. If I'd had a brain in my head and wasn't totally fried at that point, I'd have run over to Safeway and see if they were doing the cooked ones, which they probably are. Instead I called hubby at work from a very noisy store, so he couldn't hear me, and it looks like I'm going to have to try and cook this thing and then we're going to schlep it over.

It's a about 10-12 pound bird, so I'm thinking 4 hours. Maybe I'll just do it tonight, then put it in the fridge, schlep, heat, etc

We can't bring Psycho-sis here because that would be a double schlep and I doubt she could handle the stairs.

It's good thing hubby doesn't actually work in an office with a boss or the next line would be something about how the boss is coming for dinner.


I'm really, really, really over the LJ divore from my Former Internet Soul Mate. Really really really. Except I found a bunch of emails in my pre-gmail "deleted" box that I had deleted, but hadn't permanently deleted and now I want to puke. So much schmoopy, oopy, love you, you're the best beta in the world, can't wait to see you, talk to you tomorrow, can't go to sleep because we need to send more email to each other, blah blah blah.

I don't just need a delete button, I need an exorcist for my hard-drive.


Weird dream. I was back in Fair Lawn, NJ, walking around in the dark, as I used to do quite a bit. I was looking for something and knocked on a door, but it was the wrong one. I started heading to my friend Tommy's house, but got side-tracked. Tommy was my first gay friend, who sort of broke me in as a fag-hag. I didn't get to his house though. I ended up somewhere else, at a club of some kind at a table with (believe or not) Bryan Ferry, hannahorlove and another person, but I'm not sure who it was, and I think we ended up talking about the possibility of doing karaoke in Israel and whether the words would come up on the screen in Hebrew letters.


I'm hope for a quiet day at work. Maybe I'll even get some writing done. Yeah, right. I just know there's gonna be some nightmare call at 545PM. Either an idiot who didn't look at his itinerary until an hour before they're leaving for the airport and it's totally wrong or a flight cancellation on the east coast or the dreaded "Can you get me to Tahoe this weekend?" call.

Four days to CJH (and counting.)


I looked at my un-published (as in couldn't even get an agent) novel today for the first time in about a year because there's one chapter I want to try and re-write into some free-standing smut. Folks, I wrote this thing from about 1998 to 2003 and it is some of the worst, clunky, cliched, juvenile writing you will ever see.

Can't begin to tell you how much better the fanfic I've written in the last two years is than that. Just utter rubbish. If someone gave me that to beta, there'd be a whole lot of tracked changes going on.

And the really scary part is that I thought is was pretty good stuff and was gutted that 20 agents didn't think so. (One spilled coffee on it.) You know what, they were absolutely right.

I can only hope that what I've learned from Beta-Goddess Carol and all the fanfic writers I've read and talked to since getting to LJ has really sunk in and will come through when I attempt NOVEL 2008.

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