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Fannishness of the weekend. Mostly "Justified"

Due to my not doing a great job of managing our Netflix queue, we ended up "marathoning" the first nine episodes of Season 2 of Justified.

I have to say the episode "Save My Love" was one of the best pieces of writing for television that I seen in ages. Very Hitchcockian, both in the plot and the humor and the way the bits and pieces fell into place AND the tension kept ratcheting up. I haven't heard a commentary so I don't know how deliberate the resemblance to the set-up of Psycho is. I was sort of wondering why Raylan was going to this much trouble for Wynona instead of kicking her to the curb, but Timothy Olyphant certainly sold it.

I LOVED thew way they brought back Judge Reardon, both because that character is such a hoot and his actions were perfect plot points AND completely in character.

The development of Boyd being the "security consultant" for the mining company was also a stroke of genius. I'm not quite up to being full-blown Raylan/Boyd shipper, because I really love Boyd/Ava, but I adore the Raylan/Boyd frenemy dynamic and they definitely have an amazing chemistry together plus the best damn dialogue.

I was slightly dubious about Mags Bennett as the new Big Bad, but that lasted about five minutes. I also love how the show so far doesn't seem to drag out any plot point too long. Mistaken identity plots, kidnappings etc. Things go on as long as they need too and then come out and get resolved. No BIG SECRETS that hang on and on and on.

I hate the Bennett boys, but that reflects the brilliance of the writing and the acting, and OMG, look who's playing Doyle? It's Joseph Lyle Taylor, who many of us House fans last saw playing Joey Arnello, the gay gangster in "Mob Rules." He is amazing as Doyle. I wonder if he did his own guitar playing in the "Brothers Keeper" episode?

Speaking of surprising talents...or just surprises. We were watching the Featurette for the 2nd season and when Damon Herriman (Dewey Crow) opened his mouth, I was like HOLY SHIT! That was the most unexpected Australian accent ever. This is guy is Hugh Laurie-level good at his American, at least his rural Kentucky American. DAMN! Made me see Dewey in a whole new light, although I already find him hilarious. The way he said "Hi Ava," and "Bye Ava" was just awesome.

And some Doctor Who/Torchwood....

I had a dream on Saturday night...it was a Doctor Who dream, but there was a plot point reference to Torchwood characters. It's too horrible to repeat, but if it ever actually happened, it would be a nauseating development of vomit comet proportions. Why, subconscious, why?
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