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100 TV Shows #29-LA LAW

LA Law

Another Bochco gem.

I was PASSIONATELY in love with this show for at least the first two years. I shipped Michael/Grace (once I got past my OMG-It's Laurie Partridge issues) like crazy and never accepted Grace/Victor. I had a MAJOR crush on Harry Hamlin during his "Sexiest Man Alive" period. I also adored Arnie Becker, who is the epitome of my womanizing bastard fetish. I loved his relationship with Roxanne UNTIL they actually put them together as a couple, which was cringe-worthy and horrific. I also hated how they used Benny to try and humanize him. Why do they always want to make my bastards into nice guys? FEH!

I even liked schtick like the "Venus Butterfly" and Michael showing up in the gorilla outfit.

It was so witty and glamorous and everyone was pretty and of course the liberals were always right, which was extremely gratifying. I ALWAYS hated Douglas, never more then when they tried to make him sympathetic.

Here's the weird thing...I think I was watching at least until 1992, because I remember going through most of the cast changes, Conchata Farrell, Amanda Donohoe, the OMG!LESBIAN KISS, and Diana Muldaur going down the elevator shaft. I REMEMBER watching all of that, and being my typical self, still wishing it was as good as I remembered the earlier seasons being...but the thing is, I moved to California in 1987, and for the first two years, I was bouncing around apartments and residential hotels and I don't THINK I had a TV set. So maybe I missed two years and started watching again after hubby and I moved into together? I don't know.

Anyway, a show that started out great and then burned out somewhere along the line, but some of the prettiest people ever to grace a fictional law firm. I know that producers of the The Good Wife keeps saying it's not about The Good Lawyer, but the pretty people at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner remind me a lot of the pretty people at McKenzie Brackman, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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