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House-babble for "You Don't Want To Know"

And I don't like this title either.

On-line House-party attended by michelleann68, hllangel and ignazwisdom who listened to me babble although she'd already seen the episode earler in the evening.

Serious question: Do TPTB really believe that anyone gives a rat’s ass about any of the newbies and who will make “House’s Dream Team?” If they do, then the grade of crack/smack/diet coke or whatever these monkeys are on, far exceeds anything available in my neck of the woods.

Or is it me? Do you guys give a damn? Really?

This week, Cammer-clone gets to live out Classic Cam’s wildest fantasies of House actually appearing to give a damn about her as well as few flashbacks from “Hunting” and both 1st and 3rd season House trying to figure out Cam’s “secrets.” NONE of which ever seemed to come to anything. Remember the “who had fat-scratch fever” stuff from “Que Sera Sera? No? I can tell if the writers do remember and think we want to re-live it or don't remember and assume we're sharing their amnesia.

No Cameron. No Chase. Hardly any Foreman. Cam/Foreman, not great loss, but at least one snarky Chase scene would have done the episode a world of good.

Two Wilson scenes including the return of Foosball and OMG the FOREARMS!!! I’m willing to forgive a lot for a glimpse of the forearms, especially when scene #2 was one of those—Oh come on, watch that scene and tell me they're NOT fucking bits that gave birth to the H/W fandom in the first place. Even if it’s also a bit of a “Histories” rehash. At least in that case, they’re copying off their better stuff. Have the “Why did House test Wilson’s blood?” fics hit the comms yet?

One dick reference ("something in my pants") and a couple of gay references this week. I too was immediately struck by Cole and Kumar going to a magic show together? WTF?

Somehow it really annoys me that House has nothing better for Cole than “Big Love.” It was funny once, but I can’t believe the same House who had at least 5 or 6 consecutive fat jokes in “Que Sera Sera” is still using that one. It makes me think bad things about the writers. I know I'm not supposed to do that right now. Tough shit!

The whole thong thing was utterly crass and while I did like the twist, I did not like House’s reaction. I’m not sure how his 1st, 2nd and even 3rd season relationship with Cuddy has come down to NOTHING but a power struggle instead of the more layered relationship we used to see which included sexual history, attraction, anger, guilt, respect, etc. It’s very one-dimensional now and IF the House/Cuddy spoilers are true, I really don’t see how they get there from this unless it’s gonna be the most hateful hate!sex ever.

Somehow the fact that House was channeling a thirteen year old girl with the “Oh My God” stuff, instead of seeming to express any sexual interest at all, spoke volumes. Even when he was being an ten-year-old boy about her boobs in “Kidsm” he was at least a horny ten-year-old boy.

I did love PoTW to the extent that I love Steve Valentine whenever I’m channel surfing and hit of bit of Crossing Jordan, until Jill Hennessy shows up and I have to change the channel. (Sorry Ms. or Mr. Anonymous who took issue with my Hennessy-hate last week, but I didn’t like her on L&O and it hasn’t changed.)

By the way, if anyone knows of any Nigel/Garrett slash and can rec me there, I’d be very very happy.

Anyway, I did like the character although the whole “It’s not as much fun if you know the trick” stuff went on way too long and got tedious in the extreme. And doesn’t House already do sleight of hand? I’m SURE we saw him perform some kind of trick in at least one episode.

On the gross-out front, there was no pee, poo, or puking but that nose-bleed was pretty awesome.

Medical Stuff:

I knew it couldn’t be amyloidosis because Ezra Powell already had that, as well as the fact that it was too early in the episode. Some how the fact that is was lupus is a let-down and makes me think the writers are really played out. After all the “It’s never Lupus” jokes, you think if it was going to be lupus, they’d do more with it, and maybe have, you know, the immunologist around.

The whole House getting transfusions things, just so he could get sick, pass out, have meaningful moment with Cammerclone, and Wilson could whine about “you risked your life again” was a big blech. Double blech for House having coffee drugging competitions with ANYBODY but Wilson. I say that’s sacrilige.

Special credit to recrudescence for pointing out the following,
And wasn't it established that Wilson is no longer paying alimony to Bonnie?

I lose my pride of place as a canon-junkie for not picking up on that during the show and the writers ALL SUCK for either not knowing or not remembering.

But really, if you've got the Nigel/Garrett slash, bring it on.
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