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Where is everybody?

I basically know the answer-the fic is on A03 and the discussions are on Tumblr. The Livejournal of 2005-2008 is not to be again, anymore than House was ever going to truly get back on-track post Tritter.
I am in the laborious process of getting all the fic (including the drabbles) onto A03 and I have a Tumblr account as well, which I am using more and more for political outrage as well as fannish squeeee.

My A03.
My Tumblr


I'm just in from a training run slog. I did about five miles run/walk/run, but even the "running" was pretty slow. Too many traffic lights, one bathroom stop, me in super-slo-mo. Still training for Race For The Cure 5-K.

This week I rode the bike to work everyday. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday I did the "short route" downtown and then went to the gym for push-ups and as much core-work/weight training as I could fit in. Tuesday and Thursday I rode as much as I could before getting to work for the early shift.

I'm still somewhat traumatized from learning how much weight I've put on, so while I'm trying to just focus on not binging and staying away from trigger foods, let's just say I'm also fiighting the uglier parts of the body-image obsessio.


1. Not the most subtle writing in the world guys. The MINUTE Vince handed them the "special blend" I KNEW there was going to be something in the coffee and continued to shout it at the screen until the reveal, although I didn't get that Kevin would do the dosing.

2. "Jack Carter is the best man I've ever known."
Yeah, Allison. That's why you treated him like shit for three seasons and probably would have continued doing so if you hadn't gotten stuck in the past and STILL kept up the flirtation with Dr. Old Spice once you got back.

3. Was the scene where Andy goes to get SARAH's power really supposed to play as a spousal rape, because that's exactly how it came across to me.

4. Now that Henry's off Woobie patrol, he's stuck being an irrelevent side-kick to Zane? Sheesh!

5. Zane in suit: big improvement.

6. For some reason I actually do like Fargo with the beard, although it feels way OOC.

7. It's gotten impossible to tell what tone is going to prevail anymore, which I guess is a good thing, but I just don't see how the Fargo/Holly story can have a "happy" resolution, unless something happens to Fargo to leave him in the same condition. Almost anything else is just a little too creepy and "playing Frankenstein, as Allison said.


Obvious headline: Bad man is going to jail.


Now we need to get out there and fight a 100 times harder to get genuine statistics about pedophilia out there, because the right-wing is using this as an opportunity to spew their hatred for gays and promulgate the LIE that 98% of these cases are homosexual in nature. They then use this fake statistic to tie the Sandusky case to the “evil” of gay rights, and make the not particularly subtle implication that ALL gay men are pedophiles.

PLEASE, folks! Even if you’re doing the happy dance over the resolution of this horror story, take a second to make sure you are NOT helping to do the right’s dirty work in the process.


A Sherlock fic note....

I've been reading a lot of post-Reichenbach fic lately....there will be pimping on Monday....and I've figured out one thing about my own tastes. I don't care about John. His man-pain does not interest me in the slightest, even if it's framed as in-character soldierly stoicism. In fact, I didn't care about it when Martin Freeman was doing his slightly broken, BAFTA-winning schtick in the shrink's office either. I just do not give a fig. The only angst I care about is Sherlock's and that's only if it's written in the context of him being an in-character prick. So if you want me to read and enjoy (and possibly pimp) your Sherlock fic, that's the way to go.
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