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Post-Pride Pimp Post

White Collar

Of What Would Burn by coffeethyme4me


WARNING: NONCON!!! Wonderfully hot, brutal, nasty, angsty non-con. Yes, I'm horrible person because I eat this stuff up with a spoon. It's definitely non-con, but there's still that edge of Neal wanting it, plus his Peter-based guilt issues. Perfection. (Written for mmom).


Muppet Show/Slings and Arrows crossover

Scenes from a Cultural Exchange, or The Muppets Take New Burbage by Lovely Poet

Yes you read that correctly. THIS is the perfect example of why we need Yuletide. So that we can have wonderful, cracky, crossover fun like this. All the participants are completely in-character and I was especially amused to find out which Muppet is Darren Nichols artistic soul mate.


RPS-Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans

Take The Edge Off by babykid528

As most of you know, my tastes in RPS (like pretty much all other fanfic) run to the angsty side. This one is a little closer to the fluffy end of the spectrum, but there are doubts and fears involved and the REAL aspect is very well handled, including full mention of family members and "canon" emotional issues plus Robert's substance abuse history.


Warehouse 13

Forbidden Emotions II by samstjames


Back on the DARK SIDE....not quite non-con, but delightfully close. Lots of angst and implied force and pain. Yum yum.



Falling by lefaym
Also available at A03

Vigil by severinne

Two takes on Post-Reichenbach, both Sherlock-centric and all about HIS man-pain. Hints of unrequited Sherlock/John, and nice, self-centered, prickish, bastard Sherlock abusing one and all. No joy, no fluff, no schmoop. Go. Read. Give love.
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