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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I loves me some snarky bad-ass Rufus Sewell as the big evil baddie. I liked watching stuff blow-up. However…

I hadn’t read the book, and somehow I thought that the story all took place before Lincoln became president and therefore before the Civil War. I get the Vampire=Slavery metaphor, but I just found the idea of vampires at Gettysburg to be incredibly distasteful and disrespectful both to the suffering of the actual slaves and the real soldiers who died in the Civil War.

I just wasn’t comfortable at all with the use of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad as a way to thwart the vampires. Also making Willie’s death the result of vampires is just icky, especially when you realize that Mary Todd Lincoln pretty much went bonkers and wasn’t this wonderfully strong heroine. I realize I’m missing the point of fantasy and alternate history, but this just crossed too many lines for me. (If this makes me the bad kind of SJW, so be it.)

Rufus was awesome though. So call me conflicted.

Is there any Adam/Henry slash-fic out there yet?

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