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100 TV Shows #31-Chico and the Man

Chico and the Man

I know I watched this show, at least until 1977, but I really have no strong memory of any particular episode or dialogue beyond Chico's catchphrase of "Lookin' Good!"

I remember an episode with Tony Orlando, because at the time it was known that Tony and Freddie were close friends and they looked very similar. On the show they sort of circle each other a la the Harpo Marx mirror routine and then they both say "Lookin' Good!" That's all I remember.

I do know I loved the theme song, one of the best of any tv show, as far I'm concerned. (I still Jose Feliciano.)

Sadly, what I really remember is that this was the first death by suicide of a celebrity that I was actually aware of.

Freddie Prinze was SUCH a big star. I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson and on various variety shows. He even hosted the Tonight show, which is impressive considering how young he was. He called himself a "Hungarican" and was the first major Hispanic stand-up comedian, at a point where some people actually thought "Jose Jimenez" was an actual person. He was hip, young, funny and very charming. I was a few years away from crushing on TV stars, but I really liked him.

And he killed himself. At 22. :( It was genuinely shocking. So much to live for. So much talent. So many demons.

They tried to keep the show going for awhile with a new kid replacing Chico, but I doubt I was interested and nobody else was either.
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