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Come As You're Not 2012-Yay or Nay?

I realize it's hard to know you're going to feel a few months down the road. I also know a lot has changed in terms of the fic-posting and commenting culture of LJ and DW. I don't even know how many of my LJ/DW friends are even reading the posts anymore. Plus (for US folks) we have an election coming up AND for those doing yuletide, you may or may not have assignments by mid-October. There's also the fact that people might be running out of costume ideas, although I'd think the recent surge of new fandoms should alleviate some of that.

Mein Damen und Herren,Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies..... and Gentlemen!

I'd appreciate answers to the following questions, plus any comments or suggestions you'd like to offer.

1.If the Chelsea Drugstore has a Come As You're Not Halloween Fanfic Party this year, would you be likely to attend either as a writer or a reader?

2.If so, should I also create a Come As You're Not Collection on A03? (It could also be a place to re-post fics from previous parties.)

3.If I can figure out how to do it, should I have the stories be anonymous a la yuletide for the first week, with a reveal to follow?

Please be honest. If the idea has run its course, then so be it.
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