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100 TV Shows-#33-QI


I definitely got to this one via fandom. I think I first heard about it in a Hugh/Stephen RPS fic and I started seeing Icons that referenced quotes such as "Ram it up his arse" and "Prone to interference by Minicabs." The lovely michelleann68 brought some disks to watch when she came to visit and then the fabulous drunken_hedghog was kind enough to actually send the whole series to date on disc at the time of my husbands first Motorcycle Accident/Broken leg. Eventually I ended up downloading EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, including new seasons, 7, 8, 9 etc, as they came up. We now watch them over and over and over and over. Of all the UK panel shows, (HIGNFY, Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, 8 out of 10 Cats, WILTY etc.) it's the only one he has become utterly devoted to. Even to the point where I'm slightly bored with certain episodes and even have a couple I can't stand, he just insists that we keep watching them over and over and over. He DOES like WILTY, but due to the nature of the show, generally isn't interested watching the episodes more than once.

Having pretty much memorized them, I now watch mostly for the inter-personal dynamics and to try and decide who's actually being themselves and who is just playing persona. I will keep BEGGING for someone to write a Jo-Mance where one of the guys (preferably Jimmy) falls head over heels and pursues her with love and sex in mind.

I still wish that more of the women had made it through more than one episode, and I do share my husbands semi-crush on Ronnie Ancona. It's funny to watch most of the one-timer men come and go and try and peg the moment where you knew they were never coming back, or just analyze the lack of QI-ness, or realize on his second go-round, how Rory McGrath was being just to smart for his own good.

As much as I love David Tennant, I happen to LOATHE his episode, mostly because that whole "Osmond" bit that Bill and Lee and Alan go into just lasts to damn long and wasn't funny to begin with. Not crazy about the Christmas episode with Daniel Radcliffe either, again, because of Lee Mack...who oddly enough, I have come to LOVE on Would I Lie To You.

Of the regulars (not including Alan since he has some different category) I love Jimmy Carr, although Hubby is all about David Mitchell. Together, I love it when they decide that handicapped access is a Dalek conspiracy.

Lately though...Ross Noble! How much do I love Ross Noble...especially when Dr. Brian Cox was on? I want the two of them to have some kind of show together. And of the "special guests" I would really love to see Dr. Cox on again. BRIAN BLESSED...not so much.


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