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100 TV Shows #34-Heroes


All my Heroes fic, including hard-core incest and kink.

The Writer's Guild of America Strike 2007-2008 affect lots of shows, but it came damn close to ruining at least two that were near and dear to my heart. I obviously don't know ALL the details, and House was going into the ditch with the "Survivor" newbies anyway, but the 16 episodes of Season 4, really starting the death by 1000 cuts and the character derailment, some of which MIGHT have been stanched IF the writers had been able to do a full season and explain why people were acting the way they were. Cuddy going from wanting a baby to birth control (for the purpose of a single joke) and back again. NOTHING would have redeemed 13, Kutner or Taub, but the whole closing arc of the season MIGHT (repeat MIGHT) have made a smidge more sense if we'd seen the build-up to the Wilson/Amber relationship instead of having to fill it all in with fanon and fanfic.

The other one is Heroes. Talk about a show with squandered potential and the squandering mostly happened because the 2nd season SUCKED! The second season sucked because they didn't have time to actually write plausible (within Heroes parameters) characters, plots, dialogue etc.

I'd gotten into the show between the first two seasons thanks to the lovely hllangel setting me up with the discs and FALLEN IN LOVE as I do. Also as I do, not necessarily with the pretty young white-cock pairings and juggernaut ships. I was mostly fascinated by the enigmatic Noah Bennet (HRG) which had both to do with the writing and the thrill of Steven Carrington being grown up and HOT!

I was also enamored of Nathan Petrelli in all his husky-voiced sexiness, although not predominantly interested in the Peter/Nathan stuff. I liked the angst and had nothing against the incest, per se. (Luckily my loathing of every single iota of anything having to do with Supernatural had naught to do with the incest angle. I'm willing to own my own hypocrisies, but that would have been a bit much.)

It was one of those shows where I could potentially ship everyone with everyone because there was so much subtext and chemistry. This was before I started getting super cranky about actors acknowledging slash shippiness, so Milo and Adrian didn't piss me off as say certain actors do now. (Yeah Tim and Matty, I'm looking at you.)

I crossed lines in the incest shipping on this show that I didn't know I had because I didn't know they'd ever come up.

Allow me to reference a Meme I did back in January of 2011:

Meme of doom ganked from The Fabulous Ree

Day 9: The most believable relationship.

Two from Heroes
Peter and Nathan Petrelli
Noah and Claire Bennet

I know it's sort of weird to talk about "believable" and Heroes in the same meme, BUT whether you ship the incesty subtexts or refuse to even see them, there's no denying the "realness" in the brother/brother and father/daughter relationships.

I also shipped Nathan/Noah with all kinds of fucked up connotations having to do with Claire (Nathan's bio-daughter, Noah's adopted daughter). And of course I wanted Nathan/Claire incest too.

All of this was fabulous and kinky and hot and awesome.

Unfortunately there were other characters and plots and that STUPID FUCKING WRITER'S STRIKE.

Therefore shit like: Caitlin--what ever happened to Caitlin? Maya! Alejandro! Fly!Mojinder! Sylar is a Petrelli-no he isn't. The waste of using David Anders in two roles, when there wasn't enough intelligent characterization for one. All of the New Orleans garbage. Plots that bored the shit out of me and were never resolved.

The bad stuff didn't stop when the strike did. There'd be moments of brilliance and then stupidity. Too much Hiro and Ando. Gretchen. Samuel. Matt getting back with Janice AFTER losing the "Love of his life."

Seriously, just looking at the IMDB listing and remembering that I sat through it all for the sake of Adrian Pasdar and Jack Coleman makes me frothing at the mouth angry.

I come from a long line of Wobblies and Writers. There's no way I wouldn't support the writers in the strike. BUT WHY DID IT HAVE TO RUIN TWO SHOWS I LOVED?????
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