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Tidbits and Trivia

Last week I did the annual Freedom Road 5-K in Golden Gate Park with my running buddy, Ivan. In a field of 89 people, I came in dead last and was beaten by a 70 year old woman...WHO WAS WALKING.

Congratulations and Jubilations to Anderson Cooper, both for officially coming out and for the upcoming nuptials.

I have nothing but love and admiration for ANYBODY taking the step, no matter how much derisive "yeah, big surprise" flack comes up along the way. Yes, we were all sure we knew and there was always talk about the "glass closet." SO WHAT? Nobody ever REALLY knows what someone does in private and every single individual who stands up and says, "Yep, I'm gay" (Or Bi) is a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

The only downside for me, is the lack of angsty fic I can write about closeted Anderson pining for Keith or Stephen or Jon or Shepherd Smith or whoever. Not that anyone should stay in the closet for the sake of my muse. Luckily I can still write angsty Keith, Stephen, Jon, Shepherd etc pining the other way. In fact, the out-ness makes it that more poignant for the one left behind, especially if Anderson and Ben are all happy-shiny gay married.

In fact, that was sort of the dynamic driving a lot of my Barrowman/Tennant stuff, and would be the ONLY interest I would have in writing Matt Bomer slash. So YAY for more coming out...as long as I still have someone suffering in the closet to write about. Sadly, in our culture, this won't be a problem.

Also, when Anderson came out, and the wing-nuts were having their usual vicious, revolting response, I saw this tidbit on a Wing-nut website:

Wish that cute guy on White Collar had stayed in.

THIS is exactly why we need every single person to come out who can do it without too great a cost to themselves physically, emotionally or financially.

Awesome Tour De France so far, except...too many damn crashes. Lots of amazing riders and I could happily cheer for any and all of them. Bradley, Cadel, Sagan, Griepel, Morcov (however the hell you pronounce it), Leipheimer etc.

I do have to say, I HATED the Road ID commercial with Bobke stuck in the truck with the flatulent driver...until I found out it was Jens Voigt playing the trucker. Now I think it's hilarious.

Loving Season 4 of Mad Men.

This exchange:
Peggy: I have a boyfriend.
Joyce: He doesn’t own your vagina.
Peggy: No, but he’s renting it.

Best thing ever.

Also, whoever thought I'd learn to love Peter Campbell? (Which strangely and appropos of virtually nothing was Robert Urich's bisexual tennis pro, back in his Soap days.) Although I'm still struggling to get through Season 1 of Angel, I'm tempted to hang in there because I know Spike's coming back AND now I know that Vincent Kartheiser plays Connor.

So I was reading Vincent's wiki and found this: Kartheiser lives ascetically: he eschews car ownership, instead walking or taking mass transit; he currently lives in a bungalow he describes as a "wooden box" with no mirrors; and he has been selling or giving away everything he owns. At one time it was reported he did not own a toilet, but he has since denied this. Kartheiser is a vegetarian and has chosen not to have children describing both decisions as "green choices."

Does anyone know if this is true or just someone (Vincent himself?) having some Wiki fun? And is there any good (or halfway decent) Mad Men slash featuring Peter?

Any suggestions for the next TV Show I should tackle for my 100 Things? I have a list pretty much covering the late sixties to the present day, but if there's something you guys want my thoughts on, it can go sooner rather than later.


Just a Tumblr pimping reminder:


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