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Random thoughts on the 99th Tour De France!

First of all congratulations and jubilations to Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish and Great Britain as a whole. It was a long time coming; the boys did a great job. They were fearless and efficient, didn't put a step wrong.

Also massive amounts of love to Peter Sagan and Thomas Voeckler. The sprinting and the mountain stages were incredible.

I can't help feeling bad for Cadel Evans. I know it's truly amazing to win once and the fact that there are streaks like Lance, Bernard Hinault and the great Eddy Merckx doesn't mean that everyone who wins is going to do so more than once. It's just that it always felt like something was wrong this year. Maybe the expectations were too much or maybe he had something going on that we'll never know about. However, I don't think he was getting the support he could have.

Tejay van Garderen came across as smug, arrogant, smarmy and just a bit Eve Harrington-ish. He was supposed to be taking care of Cadel and there were at least two occasions where he didn't and tried to play it off like he didn't know something had happened. One was the day with the flat tires due to the tacks. There was one other...one of the crash days maybe? I can't remember, but something happened and he just took off. Maybe in the mountains...anyway, I got the feeling he really sees himself as the future and just didn't give a damn about doing his job for Cadel.

I don't know what to say about the Frank Schleck situation. I reallyreallyreally hope it's not true, but I think once the accusation is out there, it's already too late.

The crashes this year were INSANE! Fucking insane. There was even another "into the barbed wire" although not as bad as the one last year with Johnny Hoogerland .

Whoever threw those tacks onto the road in the Pyrenees should be strung up by his gonads.

I did love seeing Jens Voigt, George Hincapie and the others in those Road ID ads. Bobke gets on my nerves but it was nice seeing the guys having some fun. Jens' "American" accent was a hoot.

Hincapie has never been one of my favorites because I associate him so much with Lance, but he deserved to lead the Peloton on to the Champs-Élysées, and it was a great finish.

Next year is going to the 100th! Can you imagine how crazy THAT'S gonna be?

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