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100 TV Shows-#37-Reasonable Doubts

Reasonable Doubts

I was going to use this as an example of one of those shows that had an interesting premise and talented people, but never quite found it's audience, or the chemistry didn't work, or kept doing cast/format changes AND it may have been all those things. I was even going to discuss whether, much as we all love Marlee Matlin, it's feasible for her to be a lead character over a long haul.

I KNOW I remember watching it, and liking it, but definitely feeling that the show didn't trust itself or its characters and not being terribly surprised when it was canceled, although I was frustrated because it looked like the lead characters would actually get together and I must have wanted them too. What's weird is what I mis-remembered about the premise and the casting and who turned out to be in it that I HAD NO IDEA who he was at the time.

In honor of vanillafluffy and all the other Jim Beaver fans on my flist: Jim Beaver as Detective Earl Gaddis! No memory of this character AT ALL.

What's even weirder is that before I checked IMDB, I was convinced that Marlee Matlin's character had a father who owned a bar and was played by Ken Howard. Savvy readers are now realizing that I somehow mixed up Tess Kaufman with Jordan Cavanaugh.

In my mind, this was also Mark Harmon in a "wilderness" period, post-St. Elsewhere, (and his film career sort of petering out when The Presidio wasn't a big hit) but I had completely forgotten him as Sam on Moonlighting...which I also watched. Talk about FRUSTRATING.

I do remember that Kay Lenz was on it, that I didn't like her and that at the time I always associated her with David Cassidy, because they were married for a few years. I guess my Partridge Family-era David Cassidy crush was stronger than I would have liked to admit.

Hell, IMDB even says there was a dog in this show. "Jonathan the Dog-as himself" and I, the great dog-lover of all time have no memory of this either.

This is all kind of scary, because I was honestly sure I remembered a lot about the show, watching, liking, frustration, cancellation...and yet my "memory" has characters who didn't exist and has forgotten ones who did, INCLUDING A DOG!

As I always say, I used to have a memory, now I have IMDB.
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