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And while I've got the hat on-it's Fanfic Pimping Time!



Embracing The Dark by Starhawk2005.

Help me welcome Starhawk back to the fanfic fold. We go WAY BACK to my halcyon House MD days when her House/Cameron fic, especially her BDSM stuff helped me embrace my bi-fictionality. She's back among us with some lovely, hot, but not TOO DARK, BSDM material.

Read the warnings and tread cautiously if you might be triggered, especially by snakes, but it's really not dark at all.




On the other hand if you do want something dark and nasty and incestuous....we've got Kindred Spirits by daasgrrl, another one of my oldest cronies in the House MD fandom.

It's not noncon, but read the pairing and all appropriate warnings. It's smoking hot and very dirty and I absolutely loved it. There's some tenderness there, but I can guarantee you it's a schmoop and fluff-free zone.



Putting It Back Together Again

It's a Big Bang fic and it's a doozy!

Word Count: 17437
Characters/Pairings: Ianto/Gwen, Tosh/OMC; Ianto, Tosh, Gwen, Owen, OMC
Warnings/Spoilers: Set between End of Days and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Set during the four months between End of Days and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. The team is still coming to terms with Jack's abandonment, while Gwen, the new head of Torchwood, is also dealing with the fact that Rhys is truly gone. The Prime Minister's phone call to the remaining members of the team takes them, along with Benjamin Stratford, a new recruit, to the mysterious Himalaya to see if the Yeti is real, and if it needs their help getting home.

I'd especially recommend this to the rare-pair Gwen/Ianto shippers out there and to those who always what happened when the Master sent Torchwood on their "wild goose chase" to the Himalayas.
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