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Now are you paying attention?

Slightly long-winded political rant ahead. I know I'm preaching to choir, but the choir looks a little sleepy.

(Obviously this is directed toward Americans, although the threat IS worldwide by means of both example and foreign policy.)


There is nothing remotely moderate about this man. Romney is essentially bowing town and giving the Tea (ahem) Party everything they could possibly want. The fact that they are having a collective orgasm in the media this morning should tell you just how dangerous this situation is.

Whatever Romeny MIGHT actually believe or at least had to say to get elected in Massachusetts is completely irrelevant. This is saying the anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-any belief in the ability of government to effect positive change in people's lives is going to be implemented forthwith should Mitt Romney become President of the United States.

Nauseating as it might be, turn on Fox for five minutes and see the metaphorical champagne corks popping.

It's not enough to know that you personally are voting for Obama, because there really are undecideds and just plain apathetic out there. At least do something to spread the word. If you hear anybody casually repeating the anti-Obama memes being planted by Faux News et al, go in and CALMLY refute them. Find out who needs a ride or a chaperone on election. And if you have a single spare dime...contribute to the re-election campaign, the DNC, Planned Parenthood etc.

I'm not going to reiterate my concerns that Fandom=Head In The Sand, I'm just going to say, keep Squeeeeeing and writing fic and making Tumblr GIFS AND fucking find a way to help avoid the impending disaster.

PLEASE GUYS! Do not be lulled by polls. On both sides they are flawed AND unfortunately the polls had Jimmy Carter ahead right until election day in 1980. IF we lose it is way more likely to be 1980 than 1992, which means at least 8 to 16 YEARS of complete domination.

Remember, it's not even the 60's or 80's anymore. They don't just disagree with us ideologically. They hate us. They loathe us. They think we are intrinsically anti-American AND EVIL and if they get into power, they will act accordingly.

In the words of the immortal Bob Marley: GET UP! STAND UP! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

And in this case, possibly, your very lives.
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