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Fun, fun, fun...Karoake, hllangel, more karaoke and dinner.

Having cooked the turkey and put up with Psycho-sis, I earned the right to go to the Mint on Friday afternoon where my friend David was having a party to show off his new boyfriend or he likes to call him "Boy." Yeah, it's that kind of a relationship and David definitely wants to make sure we all know about it.

Anyway, I had a good time with David and The Boy and the boys. Sang a bunch of songs, including All Out of Love, Sunset Boulevard, and some other stuff.
OH I remember. It was soooo cool. I sang All That Jazz, from Chicago, which I kick ass on, thank you very much, then David sang Razzle Dazzle and Titus switched his song to Mr. Cellophane. Show-tune freaks will appreciate that.

The next day was the much-heralded arrival at Chez Karaokegal of the lovely hllangel, who came bearing gifts such as John Barrowman's new album as well as a "Captain Jack" book with lovely pictures. She also brought her Captain Jack and Doctor (Ten) action figures.

Hubby was much taken with her vibrant, sexy...laptop computer which did all sorts of amazing things. I think he actually drooled at one point. I was pretty impressed myself, and luckily the high-speed wireless that I'm leeching off one of my neighbors was behaving itself, allowing her to burn me a real treasure, a copy Last Of The Time Lords, along with the commentary by John Barrowman, David Tennant and Freema Agyeman that isn't on the DVDs. Squeeeeeeee!!!! She also provided a DVD of the uncut version of CJH which I will re-watch before posting my Torchwood babble.

I took her for the usual walk around the top of Dolores Park, and over to Castro Street where we went to A Different Light bookstore to see if there were any leftover copies of the October Out with John on the cover. There were not but we did get the December 2007 issue with "The Men and Women Whe Made 2007 A Year To Remember" which rather shockingly DID NOT INCLUDE JOHN BARROWMAN!!! It did include Russell T. Davies, and his entry included a JB mention, but still. (The guy at the counter DID know who John was though, and had a cool Tee-shirt with something about Fangirl Service, so yay him.)

On Market Street, hllangel spotted a JB CD in the window of one of the record stores and we went inside to give some love there.

Then we went to the Mint. and had a veritable John-fest. She got her tush right up on stage and did "I Am What I Am" and "Have You Met Miss Jones." (Take that former soul mate!) I sang "You're So Vain," "Anything Goes," "Any Dream Will Do," and "Sunset Boulevard." I even got non-Barrowites involved by getting Andy to sing "Feeling Good" and Stuart to sing "Save The Last Dance For Me." (We showed them pictures in an attempt to recruit new members into the cult.) I even got my buddy Big Frank, the KJ to sing "Please Remember Me," even though he had no idea why, since I'm generally not a big Tim McGraw fan.

At around 6:00PM we left and met hubby at Il Cantuccio for dinner. Yum Yum. I love this place so much. The bread. The green stuff. I had gnocchi that were to die for. Even though I was stuffed, I still ate panna cotta for desert, while hubby and hllangel split a tiramisu and then, of course, the Gummy Bears

And then home for CJH

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