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Random TV notes-Warehouse 13, Doc Martin, Leverage, The LA Complex

Also a quickie at the end about The Hour and Sherlock.

I haven't actually watched The LA Complex, but it comes recommended by my friend Frank, who is especially interested in the plot featuring Kal and Tariq because it involves a closeted gay rap artist. This offers us a canon gay relationship involving people of color, rather than just another white cock fanservice ship.

Here's video highlighting the couple.

Just putting it out there, for those looking for something different, especially those are sick of canon gay characters being treated like it's still Melrose Place in 1992. For example one Steve Jinks of Warehouse 13.
Yes, he keeps telling us he's gay, mostly to fend off accusations that he might have sexual interest in women, and yet...still 1992, and his most intense relationship is clearly with Claudia.

I watched the first four eps of the new season today and was left with my undying hatred of "resets" and the Howard Hunter rule. It means that there's virtually no suspense or any reason to give a shit when anybody "dies." I watched the whole "resurrection" scene with a massive yawn, because after the reset of the ENTIRE previous season finale, was there ever any real doubt that Steve would come back?

I was also happy to see that my Artie/Claudie ship is still showing signs of life---of course you need hard-core sicko shipping glasses to see it---but I'd almost love it if there were some Steve/Claudia action, just to piss off the people who get pissed off. Meanwhile I know there's a whole shipping contingent who things they're actually going to get Myka/HG, and as sure as I'm sitting here, I'd say those people are being played. I know they're throwing out all the "love" hints about Myka and HG, but I'm calling that calculated fanservice and until I see a tongue down a throat or elsewhere, I don't think Syfy is going there, anymore than Steve is going to get more action than Matt Fielding did.

Thanks to our friends in Canada for going where American television is mostly still wussing out seven years after Queer as Folk US went off the air.



Such a mix of awesome and shit. We've done the first 10 episodes of the 4th Season and I love it so much when it's a fun episode with twists and turns and Parker/Hardison cuteness and
Elliot snark etc. Seeing Tim Hutton dressed exactly like Jim Hutton when he did Ellery Queen was a major Awwwww moment for me. However, as soon as it's a about Nate's manpain and self-righteousness, and destroying the mark instead of just taking a certain amount of commensurate revenge, I start rooting for the mark big-time, and hating Nate with the white hot heat of million blazing suns. The one with Michael Gladis (The 15 Minute Job) should have been fun, but turned out sickening. Maybe Mr. Gladis has earned a certain amount of good will from me for Mad Men, but generally the episode felt like a massive, brutal, disgusting over-kill situation. Yes, I know I was supposed to think it was completely deserved since Gladis was clearly supposed to be a scummy Breitbart type, but the manipulation was too much for me to buy the premise.

Then there were a few tolerable ones, including the The Boiler Room Job, but the last one I've watched was the Cross My Heart Job, which by dint of being all about Nate's angst and the kid issue and his absolutely repulsive behaviour at the end made me actively root for the old bastard to get a heart and come after Nate AND win.

I wish I could believe that the Jack Latimer character would actually be used in a way to force Nate to admit that he's NOT always the good guy and that other people are actually allowed to make money, even from his unethical behaviour, but I doubt it.

Doc Martin

While we're waiting for new seasons of Castle, Mad Men, Justified, Good Wife etc to be released on DVD and show up on Netflix, I decided to give this a try. The premise sounded interesting enough and I figured it would appeal to hubby who likes small-town quirky fish-out-of-water shows. (Northern Exposure, Due South, Ballykissangel.) It definitely fits that niche, has gorgeous Cornwall scenery, including one view, which Hubby was thrilled to realize as the exact spot where Richard Hammond and James May pushed Jeremy Clarkson's caravan off a cliff.

Martin Ellingham isn't quite House. No addictions so far, and no Wilson/Watson character, although maybe the Roger Fenn character could go in that direction. I like their cranky interactions. There is just at touch of House in the Ellingham character and they seem to be using similar plots. I KNEW the Hormone Cream was going to be responsible for the male breasts because it was SO much like the plot of Act Your Age on House.

It's also got the requisite number of actors turning up who I know from other shows because of the "only five actors in the UK" syndrome, and the likelihood of anybody in a British show also having at least one Who-verse credit under their belt. So far my favorite was seeing Finlay Robertson, who played Larry Nightingale in Blink.


Speaking of "Only five actors in the UK," how is it that I ONLY learned this weekend, and only thanks to Tumblr that Andrew Scott, who plays Jim Moriarty on Sherlock (TEAM JIM!) also played pathetic, drunken, closeted Adam Le Ray in The Hour? I had no freakin' clue until someone put up a photo set. Now I may have to request The Hour again for [community profile] yuletide because now I REALLY want some bad, nasty, self-hating, drunken slash with Adam/Freddie or Adam/Hector or both.

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