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Torchwood-babble for Captain Jack Harkness.

In the interest of full disclosure, for those of you were in any doubt on the topic, I HATE IANTO!

How much do I hate Ianto, you ask? So much that the first time I watched this episode, it never ocurred to me, not for a moment, that Owen had any motive for opening the rift besides getting Jack and Tosh back. None whatsoever. I just thought that Ianto was being a self-righteous prick by bringing up Diane when Owen was trying to save Jack and Tosh.

It took the recap HERE to even alert me that there was another interpration.

I've just re-watched the whole thing, this time the uncut version thanks to the lovely hllangel who provided me the original version on a disk. You know what? Shut the fuck up, Ianto! YOU GO OWEN! You got them back!

Now that that's out of the way....

1. The writing.
2. The direction.
3. The casting.
4. The acting. John, Matt Rippy, Mr. Creepy Guy, et al.
5. The music.
6. The cinematography.
7. Who/whatever is responsible for the shot of couple dancing past Gwen.
8. Jack's protectiveness of Tosh. "You're with the Captain." SWOON!
9. "There's no one." (Evil Karaokegal does the happy dance.)
11. Orgasma-dancing.
12. THE KISS!!!
13. Gwen hug. :)
Basically, this is one of the most perfect episodes of any television show I have ever seen. For Housefraus, I'd compare it to All In. And I love All In.

One more to go and two Jack fics in the works.

This way to the rest of the weekend.
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