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Waiting for Ivan to come over so we can watch Doctor Who.

Re-watching The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe just for background noise, but I had hubby delete the rest of Series 6 that Tivo had recorded from the BBCA marathon.

There are RTD episodes of both the Ninth and Tenth Doctor that I can watch over and over. There's not a single episode of the Eleventh Doctor that I have the desire to see again, except maybe to try and figure out certain plot points in the River Song timeline. I'm not even that enamoured of The Doctor's Wife.

Speaking of River. I love River, I really do. And I love Rose Tyler. And I'm also over them. I feel like Moff has gotten to the same place with River that RTD did with Rose, which led to him bringing her back AND then wrecking her. Moff really needs to let get of River. We've got the idea. She's in jail and the Doctor shows up from time to time so they can have adventures and sex. Now let it go and tell other stories about the Doctor and the new companion.

Most of the Eleven episodes have been fun to watch once. I really hated Victory of the Daleks and The Beast Below. Sorry-Liz 10 doesn't compensate for animal torture.

Anyway, whatever Moff is doing, he's NOT creating anything timeless. Which is kind of sad for a show about Time Travel. In spite of that disappointment the one thing I want from Moff is for Jack to the meet the Eleventh Doctor. REAL!JACK as written by Moff, flirting with EVERYONE, especially River. It would be glorious.
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