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Bill! I love you so, I always will....

Seriously, the minute they started playing the first few notes of "Don't Stop" I started feeling all teary and nostalgic. He gave an absolutely magnificent speech, and if he went long, it was because he needed every second to refute the unmitigated bullshit that has been emanating from the Republicans for over a year.

Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (Full transcript)

You could SEE Twitter exploding both with the love from the rational, decent people and with the seething, loathesome, twisted hatred from the Wing-nut pundits who were maddened beyond all measure that their lies were being shown for what they were with one simple word: Arithmetic, and that Bill FUCKING Clinton was out there to show that their nasty-assed, viciousness was NOT the way it always was.

I'm genuinely sad that Dr. Krauthammer is so desperate to suck up to his wing-nut employers at Faux News that he had to deny what was right in front of him. If he genuinely believes This Crap, then he's gone delusional, but I honestly don't think he does. He's just sold out completely from the moderate, rational pundit he was when I watched him on Washington Week In Review, to be a mouthpiece for the knuckle-dragging racist scum he now depends on for his livelihood. Sad. Really sad.

Meanwhile, my bigger fear is that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy noise machine will manage to drown out the beauty of what happened. Over on the websites, all they can do is try and gin up a non-existent feud between Bill and President Obama OR rehash the so-called sins of the past, none of which ever mattered, certainly not to me. You can whinge about "ice" or "blue dresses" all you like, wing-nuts. I was better off with Bill Clinton than with either or any Bush and I'm better off with Barack Obama than I would be with Mittens and his scary side-kick or any other Republican EVER!
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