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Happy Anniversary to me & Hubby!

Actually it was yesterday. 22 Fabulous Years! He got me a black hoodie to wear on the bicycle.

Not really doing a massive celebration this year. Still working off bill and calories from the 20th Anniversary Extravaganza when we went to dinner at Gary Danko.

He was very good about listening to my "grumpy old lady" ranting about the coverage of political conventions and the convention itself, although there may have been some eye-rolling when I kvetched about missing the boaters. (The hats, not actual men in boats.) Yes, I know it's NOT the 1920's anymore, but I remember the boaters at least into the early 80's. I think they probably disappeared around the same time as Happy Days Are Here Again.

Sunday is Race For The Cure. Last change to do a itsy-bitsy donation to fight Breast Cancer and the anti-choice forces who tried to destroy Komen for standing up to their bullying.

I went to the gym this AM to do pushups/abs and some treadmill. Did NOT ride the bike. The first rule is to get to the starting line healthy and I did not want to tempt fate especially since Mr. Crispy Bones had a little fall last night, and was seriously considering not telling me, but couldn't face deception on our actual anniversary.

Today's obligatory political rant is about the complete and utter dream world that the Wing-nuts live in. Their VWRC "news" sites, such as Breitbart (BARF!) and the Washington Examiner are FULL of stories about how Obama's speech was "lackluster" and Bill Clinton was "boring." (Plus their usual blather about how "demon rats" are the scum of the earth and no one ever votes for them). All this is followed by badly spelled follow-up comments full of not particularly clever insults that they then LOL at each other about. Remember this is the ONLY stuff these people allow themselves to read and this is what we are up against.

The problem is we are fighting for that very small segment in the middle and pretty much only in the swing states. Let's face it, Myth Romney is NOT going to win NY and President Obama is not going to win Texas.

In spite of all the love and joy and enthusiasm and BRILLIANCE we saw in the last few days...I'm getting nervous again. I don't know how to shout any louder or give more money or find a way to convince people who have bricked up their brains against anything that might force them to admit that Government can ever be a force for good in people's lives.

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