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Why why why why why why why?????!!!!!!

Why is it so hard for me to just cop to work screw-ups as soon as I know about them?

This is the exact thing that got me in such hot water at my previous agency that I ended up leaving.

And I've reallyreally tried to over-come it because I know Bubbles will try to help me fix it and back me up with management as much as possible IF I tell her right away. BUTBUTBUT....there's this THING inside me that just clenches up at the thought of having to admit things. So I try to get them fixed before telling anybody. If I can't get it fixed, I thing have this weird tendency to just ignore the problem as thought that will somehow make it go away, instead of the thing that can only happen in that situation: IT GETS WORSE!

EXAMPLE #1-I accidentally made a hotel reservation for the wrong date. The client got a no-show bill. I asked for a waiver from the hotel. They didn't give it to me. RIGHT THERE----I should have told Bubbles and done an "OOPS" so the agency could cut a check.

Instead I tried some more emails to the hotel and then....since I didn't get another "no," I just kind of hoped they'd changed their minds and were going to do the waiver....that was nearly a month ago. Now it turns out they didn't (SURPRISE) and the charge is on the client's bill and he's denying the charge. BIG MESS. BIG UGLY MESS.

EXAMPLE #2-Client booked a ticket on July 18. Ticket should have been refundable. Ticket was not refundable. The fare base LOOKED refundable, but somehow the fare did not get stored with the coding that would have ensured to be not refundable. I booked the ticket. I screwed up. Client called to cancel and refund ticket. I submitted it for refund and was told it was nonrefundable.
Which I then proceeded to not mention to anyone, HOPING that the attorney would be another trip that I could apply the ticket to.

Instead it turns out that the client's client wants and accounting of ALL the charges and wants to know why they are being billed for an unused ticket.

Now I'm going to have to tell Bubbles that I've been sitting on this one for a month too and since the ticket is really, most sincerely nonrefundable, we might have to eat the cost of this one as well, and let me tell you, for a nonrefundable ticket. I ain't cheap.

How do I break this cycle? It's ALWAYS the same thing. Screw up. Cover up. Agita as exposure nears. Confession. And of course disappointment. Bubbles is going to be extremely disappointed, and the first thing she is going to tell me is that I should have told her immediately. Which is true. BUT I COULDN'T.

Why do I do this to myself?

This is really NOT a good time to get fired, although if it does happen, maybe it'll be my chance to get a job apprenticing for a pet groomer or hire on as a dog-walker somewhere.
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