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Random Doctor Who notes-Trigger warnings for whatever triggers you.

Please note: I did not watch the "Pond Life" stuff. If canon is a TV show, than canon is what happens on something that is broadcast on television. Not websites, "webisodes," books, radio-plays etc. If I can't turn on my TV set and see it...it didn't happen, IF the canon is a television show.

Amy, you miserable, selfish, cow!

First of all, I've never bought Amy's so-called great love for Rory. No matter how many epiphanies
they've shown us, it always seems to be telling instead and unfortunately Karen Gillan just isn't a good enough actress to make me believe it. Especially since I genuinely don't think she's capable of love, due to being damaged by her childhood trauma of the Doctor leaving her. That's what shaped her...NOT the cracks. The cracks may be gone, but she remembered the Doctor, so she knows he left her.

And if I was going to believe it, her whole, "my giving you up because I can't have another baby is way more meaningful than 2000 FUCKING YEARS...." would have blown it out of the water.

JUST.... NO! Fuck you Amy!

Not that I actually think Rory is a great prize either. I didn't like him as a milquetoast, but the whole Last Centurian Bad Ass doesn't work for me either. At least when Mickey got his character growth, he was still Mickey and the growth arc was in character. Moff really can't do character development and he probably shouldn't try. He creates characters as he wants them and there they should stay.

Oh yeah, the plot? Actually, not really. Daleks put me to sleep and I couldn't even tell if they were really trying to be rescued or that was just a ruse to get the Doctor. Also, I'm not crazy about mind-raping anyone...even Daleks, I guess.

I did kind of like Oswin, and I didn't see the twist coming. I still don't understand what the souffles had to do with anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see how she becomes the companion or if it's a totally different character. Maybe Timey-Wimey Oswin before she gets Dalek-ized. Whatever. I liked her being sassy with the Doctor, but it was pointed out to me that "going through a phase" to account for her interest in a woman is not the best trope to play into, although I will say it is VERY Moff.

Anyway...MOFF, DUDE!!!! I keep trying to tell people that you're not a misogynist, so could you please stop writing like one.

I liked the lighter tone going in, and how can you not like Mitchell and Webb as robots? That was really the highlight, and it's always nice to see Rupert Graves.

The Nefertiti stuff had me confused. Was she coming on to a reluctant Doctor, a la Amy, or was she pursuing a lover she'd had and didn't want to lose, perhaps like Queen Elizabeth with the 10th Doctor? If THAT'S the case, What's Up With That? I don't have problems with a sexual Doctor, but this one has tended to the boyish side EXCEPT with River. So am I supposed to think that he's now more like River and Jack? If that's the case, well ok, but somehow I got the impression that picking up Riddell was as much to give him something to throw at "Neffy" as it was to have help on the adventure. The idea of the Doctor wanting to have a "gang" seemed to come out of nowhere. Although when he said it, it also seemed like he had forgotten periods where The Doctor did have multiple companions.

And while I'm at it...if you want a macho guy who doesn't mind shooting for you...I know someone who will ALWAYS be there for you. Just because he's currently hanging out with Rex and still trying to get Gwen doesn't mean he won't come running the minute you call and would be happy to do a little Neffy taming in the process.

YES, I am bitter and I will stay that way until Jack gets to meet his Doctor again. PERIOD. (Double bitter since Chibnall wrote so much Torchwood, although he's also responsible for some of the worst of it.)

Nice to see Rory being awesome and snarky...except that I don't believe that either, since it bears no resemblance to original Rory. If we'd seen that Rory from the beginning, instead of whiny Rory, it might easier to believe the great love.

Fun to have Mr. Weasley as his dad...except that he's Mr. Weasley and that's pretty much all it's possible to think. Yes, type-casting really does suck. Others have pointed out that the Doctor said he danced with all the men at Rory and Amy's wedding, yet he didn't recognize Brian. PLOT. HOLE.

Great way to blow the CGI budget for the season there, but well worth it. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. The Doctor and Rupert sort of dividing up the Sam Neill role in Jurassic Park. (Hey MOFF....get me Sam Neill for an episode and ALL is forgiven, I promise.)

Then the whole thing went to shit...you remember how I freaked out over the whale torture in The Beast Below? (And the entire plot of Meat, except for Jack obsessing over Gwen?)Well I'm not any better with fridging a Triceratops just to give the Doctor enough man-pain to commit a gloating, vindictive murder.

Doctor, you miserable, hypocritical bastard. Hey, you want to kill the bad-guy, fine? Just stop pretending you are in ANY WAY better than him for doing it, and patting yourself on the back for it. How many genocides do you have on your hands, pal? Commerce is evil? Maybe, but it doesn't make you a speshul snoflake to let the missiles get Solomon. YOU WERE WILLING TO SAVE THE MASTER. So I think we can say it comes down to the Doctor forgiving genocide when it's his hot, young-looking partner in Fo-Yay, but not when it's an ugly old man. Nice.

You'd almost think I was looking for reasons to get annoyed, but honestly I'm not. I WANT to like these episodes. Moff is supposed to be the guy who does less anvils than RTD. Right now, I'm not seeing it, and the "message eps" are starting to pile up as well.

I think we really need to cut the Ponds loose once and for all and find out what Moff can do with a different companion, because I can't stand much more of Amy and Rory. I think I can only stand Amy in her non-Rory episodes. Together they just bring out the worst in each other and my opinion of both of them.

The only thing I want to see Amy and Rory do is both get flirted with by Jack. Also, I'm hoping that Rory kiss, as unsexual as it was, means that my Jack/Doctor ship will get at least that much fanservice even if it's also just "baiting."

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