karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

So I'm trying to start an A03 collection for Come As You're Not....

PROBLEM RESOLVED. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and support. We now have a collection. Stay tuned for details.

And not (to my mind) unreasonably, I'm calling it "Come As You're Not" and I'm being told:

Sorry! We couldn't save this Collection because:

Name must begin and end with a letter or number; it may also contain underscores but no other characters.

Is there some way that C and T are no longer considered letters? Do I have to have a number in there? Please tell me what I'm missing.

Thanks to all from yours truly, Madame Techno Dorkarella. (I had to have a cheat sheet to do lj cuts and links for like the first year I was on LJ.)
Tags: come as you're not

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