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Come As You're Not is now an A03 collection:


If you've submitted a fanfic for any of the previous parties: 2006-2010, please feel free to post them to A03 and add them to the collection. I've got a Come As You're Not Challenge tag that seems to work and if you tag by year: Come As You're Not 2008 for instance, the tag wranglers should start recognizing each year as a separate tag.

I've posted all my CAYN fics, so there's at least one in there now for each year.

Considering the trouble I was having just getting the collection set up, I didn't have the inclination to go for "sub-collections" for each year. Just tag for the year you submitted AND please include "Why It's A Costume" in your notes.

Let's keep the collection as casual as the party itself.

Once you've posted to the collection, feel free to re-pimp your story and by extension the party. Win/win for everyone.

If you don't have an A03 account, but want to get in on the action, let me know and I'll try and scrounge one for you. Keep in mind that participating in Yuletide nets an A03 account, if you need one and you don't have yet, that's yet another reason to consider Yuletide.

Let me know if you're having any trouble posting to the collection. Also keep in mind, that if you've posted the fic to A03 already, you can still go to EDIT and add it to the Come As You're Not Collection.
Tags: come as you're not, fanfic, writing

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