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Trying to just not worry for awhile....

Although the international/political stuff is a massive dose of NOT GOOD!

Things more or less resolved at work. I told Bubbles what was going on and she gave me some good directions to pursue. Of course it helps that she's about to transition off the account and none of this, including my mishegas is going to be her problem anymore.

We watched the first series of Spaced last night. Aside from Simon Pegg himself, and a surprise Bill Bailey appearance, the major Whovian connection was that the female lead, Daisy was played by Jessica Hynes, who played Joan Redfern. That was a major whoah moment. Such a totally different character. No Victorian hair or clothes. She also played Burn Gorman's wife in The Hour.

Cute show. Very late 90's with a lot of people still sort of stuck in the 80's, which I very much relate to.

This AM-got up for a very slow one hour run/walk and then went to brunch with Hubby. Our beloved Mozzeria is no longer doing lunch, so it's back to Chow. That has the advantage of meaning we can eat much earlier, even though the Eggs Benedict pizza will be mourned. *sigh*

Plans for this afternoon: shopping, laundry, Karaoke.

Plans for tonight: Beauty Is Embarrassing at the Roxie at 7PM including appearance by Wayne White.

New Doctor Who episode. Please Moff, please give me an episode I can love unreservedly.

NEW QI EPISODE!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! So excited. Been waiting so long.

P.S.-Still trying to get two more Tumblr followers to get up to 250. Yes, it's bullshit. Yes, I want it anyway.

ETA-If I'm going to pimp my Tumblr, it would help if I included the damn link.
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