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UGH-This is exactly the kind of fanservicy BS I hate.

From Twitter:

White Collar ‏@WhiteCollarUSA
Find out what to expect in this preview. RT @Zap2it: #WhiteCollar Season 4 summer finale: The bromanciest episode yet http://bit.ly/RmV9ag

This is pretty much why I STOPPED watching the show. First of all I fuckin' HATE the word "Bromance" and any variations thereof and in a context like this, it's all just code for, "OK, slash fans, here comes fodder for your delusions, which we all know will NEVER EVER EVER become canon, because our boys are so HETEROSEXUAL!" But keep watching and writing fanfic and letting us titillate your twats.

A hearty fuck you to everyone involved. Especially because, as with the horror show that my beloved House MD became, it doesn't have to be like this. A little wink wink, nudge nudge subtext goes a long way as long as you keep your fucking mouth shut about it. The minute you, or David Jacobs or anyone else starts talking about "bromances" you are complicit in the bullshit, and the more you know you're not really going there, the more evil and complicit you are.

God this shit pisses me of. It's almost enough to make me want to take my slash glasses off and stick to het pairings. Yes, I realize there is also duplicitous ship-teasing for het-pairings that will never come to be, but it feels less manipulative. I know this is SJW territory and I'm falling into the myths of heteronormativity promulgated by the media.


We've been here before. I still want my under-the-rader, gay subtext, slash as a dirty secret days back. And I'm not going to get them. But I still retain the right to refuse to buy into this crap and to tell everyone associated with the show to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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