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I went to Mission Trivia at Gestalt

Mission Trivia Night

on 16th Street tonight. I came in 2nd and since the winning team was made up of bar employees, I technically could have drunk "the boot," but of course, I DON'T DRINK.

The only reason I came in second was because I won the physical challenge round, which involved imitating Michael Jackson dancing to Billie Jean. You may all consider yourselves blessed you weren't there to see that spectacle.

A fairly impressive performance considering that at 530AM, I had a serious sugar hangover and was considering calling in fat to work. On top of that, I had a bruised/twisted ankle from falling off my bicycle on Saturday.

I cannot tell you how stupid this particular maneuver was. Anyone who rides a bike in San Francisco knows to WATCH OUT FOR THE TRACKS! Hubby and I spend the morning riding up to Golden Gate Park for Tour de Fat, then out to the Ocean and over to Clement St.

We had lunch at Spices!II where the menu goes out of it's way to tell you that the food will be numbing and spicy. I ordered carefully and it was really good. Then we biked back to the park and home....and with two blocks to go, I made a turn onto 17th and my wheel went right into the trolley tracks and I went down. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. Bent my frame, buggered my brakes and broke my bell.

I got up and walked the damn thing over to the Public Bike shop, where they were kind enough to fix everything.

I'm ok, but I was still a bit sore this AM AND having gotten deep into the food, including the Jelly Bellys at the Mint on Sunday didn't help. I did drag myself to the gym for pushups. The good news is I can do push-ups with whatever I did to my ankle. The bad news is I've hit the wall with my upper body strength.

I started the 5th week of the push-up program and the last set was 18 push-ups and I couldn't do it. I had to do 14/2/2. PATHETIC!

Speaking of hangover and alcoholism...which I wasn't really, but stick with me here....

Major drah-ma at the Mint last night. To be continued in my next post. (Possibly behind f-lock.)
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